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What could you possibly be dreaming about?

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An adorable black cat with white paws deeply catches my attention and takes up space in my thoughts as it influences the topic and feel of this story Take in mind: Bad spelling Boring consepts Short and simple ending 〰️➿〰️: indicates past or future transitions

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The comfy cat

A kitten lays at the armrest of a brown couch. The couch is rusty but firm and comfterable. It has a ashy sort of look on it and animal fur on some parts of it that indicated that it had probaly been here for a while.

Whowever, what really caught my attention was the black cat with white paws and white whiskers that slept rapped up in a ball.

I could only tell it was sleeping by the soft and barley noticable lift and rise coming from its chest, In a slow and controlled pattern.

Its eyes that lay hidden under its soft tail were closed. I sat down by it and put my arm behind it on the armrest just barley touching it as i contiplated rather i should pet it.

I decided not to as i let its little heart beat vibrated through my arm and warm me up. It had been cold outside so i was enjoying the cats warmth and relaxed a bit.

I knew that i should probaly go back outside and play with my friends, and it would probably be weird to stay inside and watch my friends cat. But, it was so comferting inside and i didnt want to go back outside into the coldness again.

So I stayed there for a while, listening to the ringing and machine stirring of the refrigerater in the kitchen nearby and admiring the cat that lay beside my arm. It was calming and quiet, but then i noticed somthing.

Every once in a while the cat would twitch. Either its ears would shift almost uncomfterably for a quick secound or the whole cats body would move as its claws popped out slightly.

Although it was a pretty normal and often thing i may see of a cat sleeping, it got me thinking of what it may be dreaming about to cause such a reaction.

I continued to get lost in my thoughts as the cat slowly relaxed again and its paw on the side of it that was visible slided down to its belly.

No matter how hard i tried i could not think of a single thing it may have dreamed about to cause even the smallest amount of discomfurt.

I mean theoretically speaking, the life of a cat was pretty easy. Eat, poop, sleep, repeat. Although that would seem lazy or boring i kind of wondered what my life would be like as a cat.

Of course i wouldnt be able to talk, but it wouldnt really be needed. All would have to do is look at someone with big dowy eyes and lead them to the nearest kitchen.

Now that i think about it this exact cat had done that to me before.

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