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Forbidden Love

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Dylan Smith He is the Alpha of Blood Moon Pack. Formally know to be a nice and caring man but after the death of his first mate Jessica Davis, he became a cold, harsh, violent man. Audrey Williams She is an Alpha-blooded she-wolf. Daughter of the Alpha and Luna of Moon Rising Pack. Trained to lead having the characters of an Alpha male. Strong and a strict person to outsiders. What will happen if they are mates? Who met in the most awkward place. What if Blood Moon Pack and Moon Rising Pack are enemies? ~⚛~⚛~~⚛~⚛~~⚛~⚛~~⚛~⚛~~⚛~⚛~ What would Dylan do? What would Audrey do? Would he reject her or would she reject him?

Other / Romance
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Chapter 1

This is book has only been published on Wattpad and inkitt. I will be using British English .

'To live a creative life we must lose the fear of being wrong'

Dylan's POV
"WHERE THE HELL IS MY MATE," I said to my younger sister Emma who was out shopping with my mate Jessica. As my Alpha power radiates all over my house.

"Dylan I do-don't know-," Emma said stuttering.

'I told you that we should have marked mate yesterday' my Wolf Ashton said

'Ashton, shut up and help me find Jessica '

'Whatever you say'

"You don't know hmm, is that what you can say? Oh sorry, how are you supposed to know how I feel about this when you don't have a mate at the age of 20? I said with no remorse for what I said. In my family, it was considered late if we haven't found our mate before the age of 17. I know I was being harsh towards Emma but I was too angry to care.

At that point, my Beta Lucas who was there with us hissed at me and hugged Emma who was crying.

'Get all my Elites to search pack grounds for their Luna ' I said mind-linking the Elites captain, Joey

'Yes Alpha' Joey said

"Dude, why would you say that to my sister," Lucas said to me

I shrugged and said "Now answer my question WHERE IS MY MATE?

Emma let go of Lucas's hug and said to me "I-i'm so-sorry but after you left to go at-attend the meeting you had with Cresent moon pack, we left the house to go shopping" she said stuttering and trying to hold back tears while Lucas tried to comfort her

"We already told you that before we left, when we got back Jessica said that she was tired and needed to rest so she left me to sleep in your room but-" she paused

"But what"At this point, my wolf was on edge and I tried to calm him down so that he would not take full control.

"sh-she went to bed after 3 minutes I heard her scream from your room and I ran there but was no scent there for me t-to track so I mind-linked you," Emma said

Before I could say anything my phone started buzzing. It was getting annoying so I took my phone from my pocket.

When I opened the message, to my horror I saw a video of my mate Jessica's battered body sitting on an iron chair, tubes which had wolfsbane that was connected to her weak body.

I stopped the video because my wolf was becoming furious and he wanted blood

'We will kill everyone who thinks they can hurt mate and get away with it my wolf Ashton said in a dangerous tone

I dropped my phone on the table next to me and sat down on one of the chairs in the parlour.

Lucas picked up my phone from the table and Emma came to him so that she see what got me angrier than I was before.

After watching the video they were both livid and come to me and said "what are going to do about it, we can't just leave here like this"

"You think I don't know that"

'Jacob, are you at your house, if not get there now. I'm coming over now I said using my Alpha tone.

Jacob was the best computer scientist in the pack and I'm sure of one that he will be able to tell me where Jessica, my love is being held captive with the help of the video.

'Yes Alpha, I'm at my house. If I may ask Alpha what's wrong ?'


I watched as did some things on my phone and his laptop. Suddenly he shouted "Urika"

Lucas and Emma followed me to Jacob's house. Both of them are hopeful that he will be able to locate her.

"What! have you found where she is being held hostage," I said hopefully

"Yes, she is being held captive in the Anavara pack," Jacob said

As he said that I was shocked that it was the Anavara pack that held my mate. The alpha of that pack Alex was one of my close friends. Why would his pack have Jessica captive? I thought

'Joey, get all my Elites to meet me at the pack's border and get ready to invade Anavard pack' I said mind-linking Joey

'Yes Alpha......, but why would we be attacking Anavard's pack'


"Lucas, let's go. I have told Joey to get the Elites ready to attack"I said to Lucas

A rush of adrenaline filled my body.

"Dylan, I want to follow, to go save Jessica. She's my friend too you know" Emma said to

"I know but you have to stay here and watch the pack for me in my absence ok"

"ok," she said

Within 2 minutes Lucas, Joey and the Elites were with me by the pack border.

"We are going to attack Anavard's pack," I said to everyone present with me

"But why Alpha?" one of my Elites said

"That's because he has my mate your Luna captive "

"The plan is to invade Anavard's pack, attack anyone who tries to stop us and rescue my mate "

After that, I heard bones cracking and clothes ripping and bones breaking.

It was the sound of my Elites and beta turning into their wolves.


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