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The De La Rosa Story

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Traci's father hated her since that day she was born and promised himself that he'll do whatever it takes to convince her mother to give her up for adoption. Traci's father hated her since that day she was born and promised himself that he'll do whatever it takes to convince her mother to give her up for adoption. Traci's mom vows to protect her. Which parent will keep their promise to this sweet girl?

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Rob's Drunken Anger

Traci’s third birthday was two weeks ago. Again - Rob didn’t attend the party he decided to work a double shift. Wes ordered him to take the next three days off, and also told him that he wouldn’t be called into work either not matter how much they needed his help. Rob is sitting at the table in the kitchen. He sets the down his fourth bottle of beer and lets out a loud burp.

“I wonder what Roslyn would react if Traci had ‘an accident’ and ended up in the hospital.” Rob slurs.

He picks another bottle of beer from the line he made across the table. Meanwhile, in the living room, Traci is on the couch watching Rugrats. She turns off the TV when the credits roll across the screen. She climbs down off the sofa and goes into the kitchen. The three-year-old walks in and goes over to the fridge. She opens it and picks up a box of Minute Maid Mixed Berry juice from the bottom shelf. After she closed the door, turns around, goes over to the trash can, takes the straw off of the side of the box, pokes it into the hole and throws the wrappers away. She walks over to her dad and sees him set down the bottle of beer in his hand. Rob looks down at her.

“Go away, you useless excuse for a child,” Rob slurs.

“Mom told you that you couldn’t drink your grown up water at the house,” Traci says.

Rob slams his hand down on the table. Traci jumps, and she squeezes her juice box her hand. Some of it drip out of the straw, and a puddle starts to form on the floor. He gets up from his chair and stomps over to her. Traci crinkles her nose as she gets the whiff of beer on her dad’s breath as he grabs the collar of her shirt and yanks her off the floor.

“I don’t care what mom said; she isn’t the boss of me.” Rob snaps.

Traci’s hands start to shake in fear when she hears a few more drops of juice hit the floor as she accidentally squeezes the box again. Rob walks over to the doorway and slams her against the wall. Traci drops her juice box as tears start rolling down her cheeks.

“Dad, I’m sorry, and that hurt,” Traci says wobbly,

“It’s supposed to, brat,” Rob says.

Outside the house, Isabella and William are walking out to their car. They hear another loud bang coming from the kitchen when Rob slams Traci against the wall again. Their eyes widen in shock, and a few terrible thoughts ran through their minds as they try their best not to over-react to what they are hearing.

“Isabella, I think we should call 911, Traci would be in trouble,” William says.

Isabella nods, as they run back into the house. Isabella picks up the phone off the wall and dials 911.

“Oak Ridge Emergency, may I help you?” The dispatcher asks.

“I’m Isabella Heartly; I live at 3564 Marion Rd. I think that my neighbor’s daughter is in danger.” Isabella answers.

“Why do you believe the girl is in danger?” The dispatcher asks.

“Her father, Rob, drinks a lot and tends to get very aggressive after a few drinks.” Isabella answers.

“How old is the girl,”

“She just turned three two weeks ago,” Isabella answers.

“Where is the mother?”

“She is at work,” Isabella answers.

“Okay, the police are on their way,”

“Thank you,” Isabella says.

Back inside the house, Rob carries Traci to the living room. He banged her body up against the wall several times along the way. Traci is still crying and keeps telling her dad that she is sorry. He walks over to the far corner of the room and drops her. Traci’s forehead smacks against the floor as she hit the floor. Surprisingly she didn’t get a massive cut inside a big bump starts to form, and she begins to feel dizzy. She slowly lifts her head up and can make out her father smash the beer bottle in his hand against the wall. She tries to push herself up to get away, but the bruises on her shoulder prevented her from moving. The next thing she feels is Rob foot as kicks her, and she slides across the floor. Rob stomps over to her again, bends down and it about to use the jagged edge of the beer bottle to cut her legs. She hears police sirens outside the house as the police and the Ambulance pull up.

Outside the police and EMTs run up to the door. One officer, Scott Wood, a father himself, bangs on the front door.

“Mr, Tripp this is the Oak Ridge police. Open up,” Scott Orders.

“No, sir, I can’t do that my useless daughter deserves this punishment,” Rob shouts back.

Scott’s fatherly instincts kick in as he forgets protocol, kicks the door in and tells the EMTs, John, and Austin, to stay back until it is safe to come in. They nod as Scott and his partner, Officer Frederick Ross, run into the house. They run into the living room, Scott stays in the doorway while Frederick went over to Rob tackles him before he quickly handcuffs him. Scott runs over to Traci. He bends down and tries to his best to refrain from crying seeing Traci battered and bruised as well as the few large cuts on her arms and legs that she got before Frederick tackled Rob. She looks up at him.

“Why did you do that? Dad said that I deserved all my boo-boos because I’m a bad girl.” Traci says wobbly.

Scott fixes her hair by moving it away from her eyes and says, “Honey, you didn’t deserve what you dad did to you. Your father was lying,”

Frederick starts to leave the room. Scott looks over at him and nods. Frederick walks out the door to the car.

“You two can go in now, they are in the living room,” Frederick says.

John and Austin run in and go to the living room. Scott was able to calm her down to where she stopped crying. They quickly bend down and start to get Traci ready for her ride in the ambulance. After they carefully laid her flat, they notice her moving head side to side slowly like she is feeling lightheaded and dizzy. She starts to get scared when she sees John has a needle in his hand and is about to put it into her arm.

“Are you going to cut me with the needle?” Traci asks fearfully.

“No, sweetie, I’m going to put this needle in your arm. The bag it’s connected to has a special liquid inside it that help you not feel so dizzy, okay?” John answers.

“It is going to hurt,” Traci asks.

“No, it’s just like when the doctor gives you a shot. You’ll just feel a little pinch as it goes into one of the veins on you arm,” John explains.

Traci nods let John put the IV needle into her arm. He and Austin get to work wrapping up the cuts on her arms and legs. Afterward, Austin puts and an ice pack on the bump on her forehead. A third EMT, Michelle, walks in with the stretcher and wheels it over to them.

“Sweetie, I’m going to move you on the stretcher okay,” John says.

“No, it is going to hurt,” Traci says.

“I’m going to be careful so it won’t hurt, I promise,” John says.

John places his arms under her back as he slowly picked her up and places her on the stretcher. She moves her left arm as much as her body would let her point to the couch. They see her trusty stuffed crab, she named Crabby lying on the sofa next to the remote. Scott walks over to the couch, picks him up and goes back over to everyone. He places it under her left arm, and they head out to the ambulance.

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