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Army Underground

By Myrna Jewell All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Other


This story follows different people from different walks of life who are all affected by the war that the Disciples plan and as they wreak havoc on the country only a few will survive ..any way they can. War brings out the best ...and the worst people.


The story is based in the not too distant future in an ordinary place and an ordinary time but a group of ‘Disciples’ have been gaining forces and building Sanctuaries all over the country. Over the years they have amassed large armies of people who have infiltrated every kind of business and integrated into ‘normal’ life. Some disciples have even managed to get into the highest governmental offices and the military.

This ‘Sleeper’ army have been waiting until the Hour of Light, where their armies will take over the country and declare war on the politicians and landed gentry of the country, overthrowing them and bringing Karma and peace. The Disciples of Karma offer those who join, everlasting peace and justice served to everyone. Those tired of the world being unfair join to reach the ultimate Utopian life but to do this they must first go to war.

The story follows everyday people caught up in the war created by the army of disciples. The main characters, Ania and Carly, both single parents looking forward to a weekend away. Instead, they witness the Hour of Light first hand. Among the death and destruction, they are forced to survive any way they can and find a way to return South to retrieve Ania’s daughter, who has been taken away by her vile ex husband Kenny and his parents. Ania ends up having to kill to finally reach her daughter who has been secreted to a location with Kenny’s parents. Carly is shot and eventually goes into a coma. She does not come out of the coma for the duration of the story however, she manages to get to the secret island and safety. I plan to carry on her story on book 2 of the story.

We follow Gregory, an ex- soldier, now one of the main disciples sent on a suicide mission to bring down the government, but not before he finalizes some unfinished business. Thomas and Janey Crowan are also ex-army whose lives were turned upside down when Thomas became wheelchair bound after an explosion seared both his legs off. Their lives, on a downward spiral, join the Disciples with interesting consequences. Gregory and Janey strike up a relationship as Gregory does not know she is married and he is on borrowed time after he survives more than one ‘suicide’ mission.

Michael is the leader of the Southern sanctuary, who is charismatic and well organized...but as the war rages on, whose side is he on? He wants to lead the world or at least the country and will do anything to achieve his desires.

Les is the ex husband of Carly who is a spineless idiot and will do anything to make Carly miserable , and he manages to persuade their son Josh to join him in the Sanctuary. Josh is a computer geek and becomes a valuable member of the Sanctuary. He is killed and Les becomes a changed man seeking to avenge Josh’s death and find Micheal and kill him. He is the only one who can really get close to Micheal. He is successful, however, for the second book there will be other disciples ready to fill his shoes.

Julie, is a lesser character, and she spends time with Les finding the sick and helping in the hospitals. Les is perplexed by her generosity and unselfishness and grows an affection for her. She will become a larger character in the second book and we will get to know more about her.

Thomas Crowan, is given the task to get the ferry boat ready for the Southern Disciples to escape from the conflict. Michael used him, thinking he would fail, however, he rises to the challenge and manages to take some to freedom.

Mr and Mrs Dobson have a sanctuary in the Capitol and are in their senior years. They managed to escape the city and make it to the ferry and to Safe Haven where the who group will try to direct as many disciples to safety before the second phase of the war which will be in the second book.

Characters come and go. Tangled webs of lies and courage form the story, following the trials and evils that people do to survive. Among this, love can grow and die in a heartbeat and in the end most just wants to be free and to find home.

The story focuses on everyday people in extraordinary circumstances and how they react. As chaos reigns in the streets, some will join the chaos and hurt others, while some will help and heal. Some will just do whatever it takes to get to safety.

In this war, the chaos brings together people united in their fight to live.

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