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this story is about a boy who froze himself not in ice in time....

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Aliza Anwar
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Chapter 1


There was a UN-thankful UN-grateful DIS-obedient child named Frank. He LOVED to through pranks the two words FRANKLY rhymed. People thought that the reason Frank's parents named him Frank was because he threw pranks but that wasn’t the reason. ANYWAYS Frank longed to get the power to freeze stuff, not in ice but in time.

One day the day there was going to be a fair Frank asked his parents to go his parents were very lenient with Frank. they would even give up their life for Frank's wishes and desires. They even did one day but Frank didn’t care about his parents and certainly not as much as his parents did for him. Everyone thought Frank was a lost cause. No one stood up for him (apart from his parents obviously). So he begged his parents to go to the fair and as usual, they agreed (not to be rude but they were spoiling Frank) all he had to say was: “DAD, MOM ! I want to go to the fair”. And they would agree. So Frank and his family went to the fair they enjoyed it a lot oops I mean Frank enjoyed it a lot no one could have fun with Frank unless they too were as nasty as Frank. it was dusk now frank was sleepy but something caught his eye He saw a small tent with

a sign imprinted on it was written;


$15 each power

beside it was a list of the powers:

1. invisibility

2. levitation

3. mind reading

4. shapeshifting

5. Animal language

6. animal transformation

7. ice touch

8. gold touch

9. supper strength

10. freezing time

No. 10 was the power he desired all he had to do was tell his parents he wanted it. But he wanted it to be a surprise, not the pleasant kind, but the cruel kind, he went over to the tent and gave the woman his allowance he told her: “I want to get power!”. The old wrinkled lady opened her ancient mouth and replied: “Have your parents allowed you? Do you have money child?”, said the ancient woman intrigued, “That’s none of your concern. You need money I have money!”, exclaimed the cruel boy angrily. “Well, then you naughty boy which power do you need!”, said the frustrated woman. “NUMBER 10 FREEZING TIME!”, Announced the wicked boy handing over the $15 rudely. “Then here you go”, said the lady handing him a pill and said: “Eat this pill before you sleep and you will get the power you desire.” The boy snatched the pill from the lady’s hand and stormed out of the tent without saying thanks or bye, nothing he heard the lady curse him as she had muttered the words but he didn’t care. Still, he should have that night he ate the pill he felt a bit tingly in the stomach as the pill worked its magic then went to sleep the next morning he woke up and tested his power on a bird it was an innocent sparrow flying in the sky he didn’t care what it was he just pointed towards. It said pause and the little sparrow fell towards the ground as its wings stopped working and fell right on the sharp rocky road a puddle of crimson red liquid leaked and things couldn’t get any worse it got run over by a TRUCK! Poor poor bird at least it died without pain as it was still paused in time. But Frank didn’t care he didn’t at all. another bird came flying towards the bird to see if there was any chance it had survived the bird may have been an older sibling or a parent as it was bigger. As there was no sign of life (even if the bird were not run over there would be no sign of life as it would have been frozen in time) the bird left, it looked as if it were weeping. putting aside this grieving moment, when Frank went to school he kept on pranking he froze the whole class and first he took all the bags and hung them over the teacher's shoulders next he froze an ink pot above a person's head next he took a cat frozen above a girls head then he took a water bottle and threw the water above a boys head as time was frozen it didn’t fall on the boys face he also erased the board and wrote :

Dear students,

Break time! no study today also prank the teacher all you want if you want to you can also

go home and free pizza for everyone.

Sir Oliver

The Head Mistress

as soon as he had done all this he said to play the teacher fell due to the weight of the bags, the ink fell on the boy's head, the cat fell on the girl's head, the water spilled all over the boy's head after all that when everyone had read the note on the board the class started chattering, clattering, etc (you know what happens when a class is ordered to do anything they like) it was like HELL for the teacher prank after prank. at break time one was waiting for their pizza i mean half of every one the class had gone home. the pranks didn’t end. at break time Frank froze the playground and he played all break and un froze the children at the END OF BREAK poor children didn’t even have their LUNCH If people didn’t like Frank before they hate him now. the pranks kept on going and going he wanted to test his magic on his room he froze the fan time the laptop even the water gushing out of the tap he thought of freezing the mirror by that he could have an instant portrait of himself or so he thought he said pause to the mirror but it reflected the spell on him right in the heart his last word has cried a cry of agony it felt like a spear entering the heart no one could un-freeze him and no one would want to apart from his parents needless to say but they didn’t have the slightest idea how to as soon as franks parents saw him at this state they called the doctor but what would they do to that corpse they told the news about the boy's state and his parents left the room weeping the story doesn’t end here as even franks parents die they die of pure grief and despair. at least no one grieved their death they had no relatives no friends no one at all. at least the unbelievable boy Frank learnt his lesson and set an example to those who are cruel, that you should think before you act and feel for others.

The End.

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