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Qasas ul Ambia for children

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My story is about prophets life and there test taken by Allah the almighty and the lessons given to the mankind

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Chapter 1

One night when Hazrat Ibrahim AS father of Prophet Ismail AS who was given prophethood by Allah. He saw a dream that he was sacrificing his son Hazrat Ismail AS and he immediately got up as if he has seen a nightmare and indeed it was for a father to sacrifice his son, he shared the incident in his dream, and they thought this was a command or test by Allah and indeed it was a test by Allah. The next day Hazrat Ibrahim AS with a dagger in his hand and his son with him set out for Mina. Satan tried to misguide Hazrat Ibrahim AS, but he did not listen to him. He then tried to decide Hazrat Ismail but even he did not come into his trap. He blocked their way Ibrahim AS threw 7 pebbles on Satan, when beaten Satan immediately ran off crying. But still he came back thrice. Every time Hazrat Ibrahim AS threw 7 pebbles at him at least he ran away. They both reached the site of sacrifice. Hazrat Ismail asked his father to blindfold his eyes and drive the sacrifice swiftly and keep his dress away from blood. He laid Hazrat Ismail down and put a knife on his neck. Allah became pleased with both of them. Jibreal AS drew out Ismail AS and put a sheep in his place.

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