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Field Trip Day

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This story is about a girl Sally who goes to a field trip to Mohatta Palace

Zahra Shaikh
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Field Trip Day

Field trip day

The school bell rang and Sally quickly packed her bag and assembled in the ground with her class as the principal ordered them to. When the gates opened the parents started to enter the school and the students rushed towards their parents to go home. Sally waited in the line for her mother to come and pick her up. Finally, Sally’s mother wearing a black coat on a pink dress with a white dupatta and white sandals arrived at the schools gate. Sally ran towards her mother and hugged her. While going towards the car Sally’s Mother asked, “What happened my sweet potato? Why are you so happy and excited today? Did u got 100 out of 100 in your test or let me guess did u got any certificate or maybe any award or u were acknowledged about something or u got any circular about something.” Sally replied, “Yes, actually the last option was right I got a circular about.” They sat in the car and Sally Mother was listening to her while driving. Sally continued, “ So, as I was saying that I got a circular about a Field Trip of going to Mohatta Palace. Sally in a cute voice asked, “ So, if I could go mother.” Sally’s mother replied, “My sweet potato let me think……… my sweet potato is it ok if I tell u when I reach home? Sally replied, “Ok.”

After a while they reached home and Mother told Sally to change her clothes and take a bath while she is preparing lunch and wash her lunchbox and fill up her water bottle for the next day. After 20 min Sally did whatever her mother told her to do so and went into the kitchen and asked her mother that if she needs any help. Sally’s mother replied, “Yes, go and set the table for lunch, the lunch is ready.” Sally did as her mother told her to do and called her mother for lunch as she had set the table for lunch as they both started to eat lunch Sally said, “Yummy, today you have made my favorite lasagna. Thank you so much. Sally’s mother said, “Welcome dear. Dear please show me the Field Trip circular so I can check my duty on that following day so if it’s my holiday you can go. After eating you can bring me the circular.” Sally replied, “Ok mother and there is one more thing I wanted to tell you as well. I will after eating lunch.” After eating lunch Sally’s mother quickly washed the dishes and sat on the sofa and asked Sally to bring her Field Trip circular. Sally quickly ran into her room and brought the circular. Sally’s mother asked Sally that to read the circular to her. Sally spoke, “Ok mother let me start reading it aloud to u. The Avenue is Mohatta Palace. The Date is 7-3-2023 (which was day after tomorrow). The timings are 8:15 to 4:45. The fee is Rs 1200 (including transport and food). The day to submit the consent slip and the money is 6-3-2023 (which is tomorrow). Sally’s mother replied with a smile on her face, “Ok, yes u can go my sweet potato because it is my holiday at that day.” Sally screamed with happiness and hugged her.

The next day Sally woke up and started getting ready to go to school, after a while she ate breakfast and then her mother said, “Are you ready dear?” Sally replied, “Yes, mother I am ready.” Mother said, “Ok, sit in the car, I will drop you to school.” Sally sat in the car and her mother also sat in the car and after 20 min they reached School. Sally’s mother, “Goodbye Dear and don’t forget to submit the consent slip and the money to your teacher.” Sally quickly went in to her classroom, placed her bag beside the chair and rushed towards the main ground and assembled in the ground in her line for the assembly. After the assembly she quickly rushed towards her class to give her class teacher the consent slip and the money. She gave it to her and joined her class. After 6 hours Sally’s school was over and it was home time. She quickly packed her bag and walked in the main ground, after a while she saw her mother standing at the school gate waiting for her. This time Sally did not run or rushed towards her mother because there was nothing really excited happened in school today. She sat in the car with her mother and reached home and took a bath, washed her lunchbox and set the table for lunch. She ate lunch, took a nap of 30 min and did her homework then she studied a bit of Math with her mother. After that she read 10 pages of a book and helped her mother in some house chores like washing dishes, folding clothes, tiding the house and watering the plants. After all of this she and her mother were so tired so they thought to lay down for a bit or 15 min. After that Sally mother said, “Sally go and pack your bag for tomorrow’s field Trip to Mohatta Palace.” Sally did as her mother told her to do and went into the room opened her cupboard and opened a drawer and took out a small bag for her field trip, she filled her water bottle and asked her mother that if she could take her mobile to the field trip, as it was allowed. Her mother allows her to take it but on only on 1 condition that she should take care of it and bring it back home as it is her responsibility to take care of her things and don’t lose it. The next day Sally woke up and got ready for her school and as everyday she did her breakfast and left for school when she reached school she said goodbye to her mother and entered her school. Today they didn’t had to put their bags in the class but directly make lines of their classes. After a while, the buses arrived at 8 15 am and everyone sat in the buses and left. While they were travelling in the bus the students got 1 slice juice, donut and half burger. The students reached their destination at 9 am.

The students got a juice, chips and a biscuit because if they get hungry while they take a tour of the palace. The teachers made 10 groups of students so they can take the tour of the palace organized and there would not be a lot of chaos. Sally was in the 1st group. The first group went inside Palace first. They took a tour of the palace and came out; they stood in the ground in 1 line. The teacher asked the students to tell what they have seen, basically the description of Mohatta Palace. Sally raised her hand first and answered, “This palace was made by Shivratam Mohatta for his wife so they could stay in the summer holidays as a Holiday house. It has secret cave to Mandir so Shivratam Mohatta and his wife could go to the Mandir safely, but now that is closed. There are four bedrooms. On the roof, you’ll come across a stunning structure with five domes. The walls in the Palace have handmade paintings and designs as well.” After this the teachers gave the students a tour of the ground floor of it and they sat into their buses and reached their school. When they reached back school they all got an ice-cream. Sally’s mother came in 5 minutes after they reached.

Sally rushed towards her mother and told her about today that how well it went and what happened while they were going home. Sally followed the same routine she used to follow and slept.

The End

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