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Life without parole

Some people will look back on their lives and know they lived a full and complete life. Most however, given the challenge to review their life, will likely say, “I wish I would have; I wish I could have.” These days, it seems we are in prison and living a life without Parole.

The simple definition of parole is giving permission to a prisoner to leave prison before the end of a sentence usually as a reward for behaving well.

It is a promise made with or confirmed by a pledge of one’s honor…to fulfill stated conditions in consideration of release.

Subjection of an individual to a period of testing and trial to ascertain fitness (as for a job or school).

Most people everywhere are actually in their self-imposed prison and are waiting to get off with good behavior, by following the unspoken rules. They are searching for a moment when they feel free and they get what they want out of life, what it feels like to be 100% confident, and that their life is successful. They feel they have done their very best to keep their power. But most never get close to that. Since the beginning of time, people have been searching for answers thinking that if they followed the rules with Good Behavior, they will experience freedom and get what they want out of life.

We have written this book to share our education and life learning lesson experiences that most suffering is not necessary. Our intention is to give away our knowledge to those who are interested in Reclaiming their Power and Freedom. We hope the useful tools in this guidebook take you on the journey towards your authentic self so you can be able to have the life you deserve. Life is short, so why not start the process in Reclaiming Your Power and Freedom Now?

Are you trapped by modern society? You probably are and are not aware of it. Do you feel that you are not living the life you want to live? You are probably are probably being told it is your entire fault. People will say that if you haven’t reached your life goals it is, because you haven’t worked hard enough. Let me tell you this; in most modern societies, working hard and staying within the unspoken rules won’t get you want what you want. The game is rigged and you are going to lose. You can spend most of your adult life playing that game before realizing (if ever) that the dice are always loaded.

Most people in our part of the world take some kind of education after the obligatory school years. Then try to get a good job and when finally and hopefully get such a job, we work hard and follow the rules, and make sure we are on our best behavior for the rest of our lives. We buy a car, a house, and lots of other things. To finance this, we have to ask banks to borrow money, which makes us unable to stop working. So, we work. Our kids grow up, we get old, and then we die. And that’s it. Period!

Most of us never get to travel to those places we wanted to see, we never get to learn the skills and crafts we really wanted to learn, we never got to do what we really wanted to do. Life always seemed to get in the way.

Also, you will certainly be socially and financially punished if you do not fulfill your expected duties, as a taxpayer…you could even end up in prison and have your freedom taken away from you (with no parole). You see, modern society is actually only nice to you as long as you are on “’Good Behavior“ and play by the unspoken rules.

However, as stated throughout this Book, you actually can find freedom in an un-free world. The cage (prison) put you in is not locked. You can walk out whenever you want to by changing your mindset. And that is the secret. You can actually leave by knowing how to work within the system and changing your thoughts.

As a side to this; people have actually been called rebels for not following the rules and the common attitude from society is that you should stop and comply with the rules. But, Remember that cage modern society put you in is not locked. You can walk out whenever you want to; you can actually leave (in your mind). What happens if you leave?

Will you be hunted down and put in prison? Unlikely. If you leave, you are free. But you must leave most non-truths (restrictive, false, belief systems) behind. And that is the beauty of it. The rest of this book will give you the skills and insights that will automatically set you free. You see, you really don’t need much, but you do need to know how to change your mindset (thoughts).in order to no longer be trapped in your figurative and self-imposed prison, by modern society.

Is it time to stop making yourself miserable and start learning how to jump-start your life? Do you want to feel peaceful inside no matter what is going on in the outside world? Your answers are not ‘out there’, the answers are ‘in here’. You and you alone hold in your hands the wisdom, knowledge and powerful new mindset methods to finding your Inner Peace and Freedom and living your life as you want to live it.

From the information in this book, you will learn to trust yourself from the Inside Out. You will learn how to recognize one of life’s essential truths: That you alone must take responsibility for your own life—not by compulsively trying to control it, but by separating fact from fiction and learning how to navigate your mindset and work within the system in order to get what you really want and deserve. You will be able to see your world in new and powerful ways and have what really matters to you and be free anyway.

Traps, Traps, and More Traps

There are probably hundreds of traps in society and in your life that you are unaware of, and it is very easy to get caught up in those traps. So-called truisms are repeated continually so often in life that they are taken for granted by you and yours as a given. And those beliefs can lead you to acting and totally conforming to the implications resulting in wasted time, fighting inappropriate battles, and attempting to do the impossible.

Traps can lead you to accept unconsciously certain restrictions in your life that have nothing to do with you. So, therefore, you may unwittingly pay the price emotionally, physically and socially. You may even pay taxes you don’t have to pay, abide by standards that are unsuited to you, and put up with problems that aren’t really yours, and continually keep yourself in self-imposed traps.

Traps are assumptions that are accepted by people without challenging them. As long as traps go unchallenged, they keep you enslaved. That’s why it’s important that you challenge them by utilizing ways “to find Inner Freedom” and choosing to live from the Inside Out by changing your mindset in ways that work for you.

If you are not free now, it’s very likely that you’ve unknowingly accepted and fell into traps automatically. And you probably hadn’t given any thought about alternatives that could get you out of your restrictions without the pain and effort you might have assumed necessary.

It is so very easy to slide into these traps. The traps are repeated by us so often they are actually taken for granted. And that can lead to acting upon the suggestions implied in the belief systems we unconsciously choose along the way, resulting in wasted time, fighting inappropriate battles, being stressed out, and attempting to do the impossible.

Magic Morsel: Traps are assumptions that are accepted by you without challenging them.

As long asthese traps go unchallenged, they can keep you enslaved; and there is no way you will experience inner peace and a sense of freedom. That’s why it’s important that you become aware and challenge what is not working for you. I think you’ll find that the most traps have no more substance than ancient clichés such as “The world is flat.”

As you look at these traps and possible alternatives or options toward your freedom, I hope you’ll become aware of the unlimited number of avenues open to you. You actually do possess a tremendous amount of control over your life living situations and when you focus attention upon the people and events that seem to stand in your way, that control is disregarded.

There are probably hundreds of such traps, but the most popular are:

The Identity trap; The belief that you should be someone other than yourself; and the assumption that others will do things in the way that you would.

Intellectual trap; The belief that your emotions should conform to a preconceived standard.

Emotional trap; The belief that you can make important decisions at a time when you’re feeling strong emotions.

Morality trap; The belief that you must obey a moral code created by someone else.

Unselfish trap; The belief that you must put the happiness of others ahead of your own.

Group trap; The belief that you can accomplish more by sharing responsibilities, efforts and rewards with others than you can by acting on your own.

Government trap; Most people turn first to government whenever they become concerned about their freedom. They assume either that the government must do something to help them be free, or that the government is obstructing their freedom.

Despair trap; The belief that other people can prevent you from being free and you believe that you have to stay where you are to work things out.

Rights trap; The belief that your rights will make you free.

The Utopia Trap: The belief that you must create better conditions in society before you can be free.

Box trap; The belief that you must accept restrictions in your life that make it seem impossible to be free—(you’re in a box if there are any restrictions to your individual freedom).

Certainty trap; The urge to act as if your information were absolutely and totally true and certain. (Making decisions without recognizing the uncertainty of your assumptions and the risks that go with that).

Rules and Beliefs:

As you examine each of the rules and beliefs (ergo traps) you’ve been living by, ask yourself:

Is this rule something that others have devised on behalf of ‘society’ to restrain individuals? Or have I devised it in order to make my life better for myself?”

Am I acting by an old morality belief system? Or is it something I’ve personally determined from the knowledge of who I am and what I want—and by what I believe the world is?

Are the rewards and punishments attached to the rules vague and intangible? Or do the rules point to specific happiness I can achieve or unhappiness I can avoid?”

Is it a trap that’s currently in style’ and accepted by all those around me? Or is it morality specific tailored to my style of my life or being?

Is it a trap that’s aimed at me and against myself-interest? Or is it a belief that comes from me?

All of your answers must come from deep inside not from a belief system, a trap, a book, a lecture or sermon unless they trigger the knowledge of your internal belief system..

The answer is simple: You are you, the person who will live with the consequences of what you do. No one else can be responsible, because no one else will experience the consequences of you actions as you will. It’s your life, and your future that is at stake.

The Final Authority:

Many people go through life with the feeling that what they think and know are summations of what they’ve absorbed from those who ’really’ know things. This attitude is encouraged, of course, by those who are supposed to be the ones who ‘really’ know; moral authorities, experts, people who are ‘older and wiser,’ people who are the ‘inside.’ (Another trap).They seem to speak with convincing authority.

But they too, act and speak from incomplete information—just as we all do. One can hope to have all the information necessary to speak with final authority but to expect that is only to fall into the Certainty Trap.

The experts don’t know everything or even everything about anything. And one thing they know very little about is you. The people who tell you how to live your life have very little knowledge of who you are and what you’re capable of doing.

But only you can know who you are—if not totally, then far better than anyone else can. This is why you have to stop and be aware, filter and research pertinent information before taking it into your system of doing and believing certain things.

You have to judge how sensibly the information fits with the way you see the world, how compatible the action suggested fits with your nature and capabilities, how happy you might be if you lived the way you really want.

It’s easy to think that there has to be an authority, outside yourself, to judge what is true and false, what is correct and incorrect, what will work and what won’t work. But there isn’t. Even if you’d like to delegate that responsibility to someone else, you cannot. Remember, Freedom is an Inside Job! (And so is prison).

So you’re deciding even when you try not to decide. It’s important to recognize that you are the final authority—whether or not you choose to be, whether or not you have the confidence to assume the role. The role is yours, regardless. Make sense?

You are the sovereign authority for your life. You alone are the ruler who makes the decisions regarding how you will act, and what information you will accept. You do it anyway—but if you recognize that you do it, you can gain much greater control and freedom over your life and future and not get stuck in those infamous traps in life.

Once you know that the responsibility begins and ends with you, you start paying attention and treating information more carefully, you act more deliberately, you make better-educated decisions and you get results that more directly bring you inner peace, freedom and what you really need in order to be happy.

Your life is a world of your own, bounded by your own thinking, knowledge and inner truthful experience. It’s a wonderful world—full of the power to do things to bring you freedom and happiness. Recognize your sovereign authority. You won’t ever be the totalitarian ruler of someone else’s life. But you do rule your own.

When you no longer count on other people to be ‘right,’ to be certain, to be moral, to be intelligent, you’ll turn to the one source of genuine power that exists inside you—yourself.

Hot Tip!!Who rules your world? You do—just you.

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