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Everyday experiences....

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I don't know if it's a book or my journal or anything but i just want to put ky everyday mind keys here . Just to rest my mind and share my thinking

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Chapter 1

Hello ,

I am iqra . A happy housewife and a mother of a daughter . By the way my daughter name is Eman .

I belong to Pakistan .

About whom i thought the one of the strongest believers lives here and i am not meant religiously . What i am trying to get at that they are optimistic . Sometimes our optimization reach to extremes and we don't even notice .


I was just making green tea for my family member today and thinking about people in general and how their personalities vary by their actions and reactions to gossips and to situation .

A particular one in this chapter .(one in every chapter)

Her ..

She is very varying person . Her nature resemble alot to her mother . Just her mother now lost the charisma and mystery while she still has it . She is very difficult person to deal with actually . Because of her silence and because of her double meaning talks . Today she surprised me with an unusual answer while talking about some family gossip .

Her Answer just shatter all my strategical ideas of leaving here peacefully ( unnoticed) . My mind just gone blank . Which further add fuel to my already high anxiety levels .

Now i am again thinking ..

And the possible solution according to me is just go with the flow for some time and be patient and just see where things will gone .

I don't know if anyone out there read it or not . And may be you guys think how stupid and average my mind is . May be you guys are right may be not .

Regards :


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