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He, She, They, We (Collab of LGBTQ+ Stories)

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LGBTQIA+ Collab Stories with @Mirage_Is_Not_Real, @Shootingstar123 @C8K0dy1 @Energized_Frogge_Latte_Storeis, @123lunarmoon456, @Honey_Bloom, @Missy_Is_Pink_And_Pretty

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New Girl

New girl

By: lunarmoon

Pride( main) characters in this story:

I jumped as the bell rang for 7th period, finally, I thought as I packed up my things for ELA. I wonder what Ms. Smith has planned for us today. ’’Make sure to study for your social studies test”, Ms. Brilinger called. I can’t wait for summer break I thought as I exited her class. “ally someone called as I headed down the hallway. “Yes,” I say turning my head in the direction of which my name was called. “Have you met the new girl?” My friend Violet asks.

‘’No’’, I say turning the corner “Oh, well she’s nice, her name is Megan, I had her for first and 3rd period well anyway see you” she says. “See you,” I say entering the classroom. I go over to my regular seat next to the window and Jessi Ramsey sits to my left. Miss smith was standing in the front of the class, with her clipboard in her hand, waiting for the class to get settled. After the class was settled Ms. Smith sat down at her desk cleared her throat and said, “good morning everyone I have an announcement”.

I wonder what could be, I contemplated as I remembered what violet had said moments before. “the class says hello to, Megan”. A girl with long curly brown hair walked in and said, “Hi.

“I would like you all to treat Megan just as you would treat one of your classmates”, Ms. Smith added with a serious tone and gestured for Megan to take the open seat to my right. As she sat down my heart began to thump in my chest. “Hello,” she said shyly. At the time I couldn’t speak, but I managed to let out a quiet “hi”. What is happening to me I thought.

I didn’t dare say a word the rest of the period, I knew it would only lead to me embarrassing myself.

It’s been a couple of weeks now, and all I’ve been able to think about is Megan. Every day try to muster the courage to talk to her. Today’s the day I thought the day before summer break, I’ve got to do it now or never, I thought as I put the combination in the locker. I could see Megan coming from math to English class. Just tell her my mind said trying to convince myself that it would be fine. “Hey Megan,” I said turning into English class. “yes,” she said. Sitting down at her desk. “Well I’ve had this on my mind for a long time, and you’re just such a nice person and…..” I trail off. “This isn’t going well is it,” I said cutting myself off. Megan giggled “no it-it’s cute.” “Really,” I said blushing. “Really,” she said reassuringly. “So would you do me the privilege of being my girlfriend?”

“It would be my honor.” She then responds.

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