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There's no summary here....then there's no value to what I've seen thru...

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I am just one of the normal rather abnormal human beings trying to find the quintessential meaning of life and thereafter. Emotions are portrayed either dramatically or realistically during the hardest of situations in human life, particularly when it comes to the loss of dear ones. There will be so much drama in terms of paying homage to the ones that’s lost, assessing the persons attending the funeral, comparing the status, or even how do I look in this attire, etc. The dramas are infinite….

I wake up around 8 am these days and I start my bike to grab the breakfast from one of my most favourite destinations, an age-old grandpa justifying the real meaning of good (rather cooked with care) food without expecting a stealing fortune like KFC and etc., for such shitty non-healthy options. The routine continues, and I start my bike to get past around the corner to the place where I get my breakfast. Slowly, I can’t cease to notice a beautiful sight, a female dog feeding to around 8-10 of her just born puppies. As my bike crosses, the mom tends to adjust her way of feeding her little ones, just to make sure she’s off the road and for the safety of the little ones. I have been witnessing this sight for a few days, not to mention my love for such pups and how badly I wanted to raise one.

Its 22.02.23 and here I am witnessing the same sight, and how happy this family is devoid of material world and away from the toxic human exploitations and politics. I get back home with my favourite breakfast and for my wife. I then head back to work and return. Just another day, right? I then ate my lunch and went for a nap. Its around 5.30 pm, I was heading to my usual spot to have a cup of tea. This horrific incident then happened. While I closed the parking door and started my bike, I witnessed something. A pup was lying down and it looked at first as it was taking a nap. I thought it was a beautiful sight to behold. What followed then was beyond how I felt at that moment. A crow suddenly sat on that pup and was scavenging the body. As I started my bike and went close to the scene, it was heart-breaking, the crow really did scavenge that dead pup, as her mom was lying beside crying hapless of doing anything. I even tried to expel the crow, feeling pity for the little pup, but even in that moment the mother was lying still agonizing about her pup. I couldn’t do anything on that situation and went on with my usual routine. Later, something came to my thought, which is about that the mind of that mother. We humans even though capable of expressing our emotions in many ways, we still misuse it for the sake of society, status, and what nots. To my curiosity, as I came back after I had my tea, I find it much more heart-breaking that her mom is out to the dump yard not knowing what to do, or whom to seek help for. Indeed we are blessed!, but are we ?

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