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Su Yan was known for being the youngest CEO in the world before his death. He finds himself in a book called Games of truth which makes him a transmigrator and in a body of the man with the same name as his and also the villain in the book. Su Rose, his cousin and the cousin to the former soul, was said to betray him and still finds herself worthy for the protagonist ; Qin Zhan. What happens when Park zinian ( childhood friend of su Yan) moves over to china? What are the secrets which no one knows about, not even the author? 

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Chapter 1

Hello, I am 002.”


“Host? I said I am 002,” the mechanic chipped in so much anger only to be bluffed to air by Su Yan.

“Host Su Yan, the wonder master and all-knowing author, the youngest CEO alive hehe”,it hailed mockingly but a resounding silence dismantled it.

Who would reply or sound joyful when you find yourself in the web novel you read two minutes ago? Su Yan was that victim and you dare him to smile? He left all his prestige, wealth, fame and peace only to be a villain in a book called 'Games of truth'. A villain! The one who would be killed by the protagonist Qin Zhan and his limp body be thrown down from the mountains.

“ Peeh!”

“I hope you know that story dear host and I should remind you that this is OCD, in as much as I want you to die,” 002 sighed dramatically but Su Yan didn’t get angry.

“An OCD?”

“Hmph! Do it on your own, the book is yours.”

“So? Can I escape death? Where am I?” he finally asked as he arose from the bed he found himself in.

“The protagonist's bedroom and I should remind you in that novel, you are here to steal information and get dirty secrets to bring him down” ,002 squealed like a girl watching a romance drama.


He remembered this part of the novel.

Where Su Yan was caught and publicly shamed by the FL, Su Rose, who was also his dearest cousin. She was a half breed from his uncle and white wife and the pillar holding Qin Zhan's life.

What stupidity! And worst of it all was the fact that he and the villain had the same NAME!

“Ha! What a tragic comment,” he muttered bitterly as he opened the window to flee.

Games of truth was a novel concerning two best friends who became sworn enemies because of a woman and that was Su Rose. According to Su Yan ' the bro code included not dating your friend’s sister' but Qin Zhan broke that code too well.

All Su Yan did was to fulfill his obligations as a senior brother only for Su Rose to elope with Qin Zhan and which drew a line between the best friends. Not only did she elope, she stole his criteria and planners for his company and handed them to Qin Zhan with these words, “ I made them so we both can be happy”.

Su Yan reading the novel : ……(+_+)

002 going through the novel ; (- -)

Things got worse for Su Yan who was also a game programmer, he was labeled a thief and an illegal copycat after he tried using his planner, only to be dragged by the mass media leading to the heavy downfall of his company.

He became depressed for three years and in the fourth year had had enough, which led him to the home of the protagonist Qin Zhan to steal information and frame him up with any dirty secrets he would find. His plan was crushed instantly by Su Rose who saw him sneaking up to her Lover's room; he was reported both to the media and Police drowning him to the vessel of shambles and his remaining dignity torn into shreds of no return.

Su Yan became tormented with anger, jealousy and revenge but suppressed all of it to become a good man with a mental illness till he heard his best friend and his cousin had a baby called Qin Ziming.

It led him to become a stalker, having pictures and videos of the kid's daily lives everywhere. He was given a restraining order from the Court after his attempts to see his nephew all but to be avoided like a plague by the couple.

The Lazy Man in the Devil's workshop became a reality in the life of the broken man. He kidnapped Qin Ziming and held him for two months by the mountains.

He was wanted, traced and killed by the protagonist. It didn’t stop there, his dead body was burnt and thrown from the mountains …. The end!

The author should be killed and burnt instead! What sort of novel is this? What Games of truth? No one knew the truth, no one understood him, no one allowed him to explain!

Su Yan rubbed his temples vigorously as he stared at the dark sky, life was a secret itself and an unfair game, “ If you don’t know what to do, avenge for Su Yan!” 002 exclaimed in fury, he hasn’t seen any stupid novel and characters like this.

“That bitch deserves some taste of her own medicine,” he kept muttering as Su Yan started the car only to be stopped by the same Bitch!!

002: humph!

“ Su Yan! Ah! You didn’t tell me that you will be here”, a slim model appeared from the front door in red heels and a sleeveless tight gown. She was indeed what you call a goddess of the moon but she was a cunning woman with schemes clearly in her heart, pretending to be happy to welcome her cousin.

“ she wants to see if you are still depressed or showing emotions to rile you up”, 002 whispered with a huge distaste only for Su Yan to hum in agreement too.

Su Yan only blankly stared at her.

She smiled forcefully seeing Su Yan wasn’t replying to her , only staring at her like an idiot…

“ which she is” , 002 snorted.

“ For three years where have you been?”she asked, tapping on his car door only to be shoved aside by his car, her ass landed hard on the floor and tears involuntarily sprouted out from her eyes.

She bit her lips hard as she watched the sports car sway into the darkness mocking her directly, Su Yan!! I will make you pay! Still arrogant even with the way things are.

A Figure upstairs watched the scene, especially the sports car as it dove into darkness, plaguing all evil with it.

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