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“ Su Yan the intellectual!” 002 hailed its host who was recruiting workers in his new companies. After the incident at the gala night in Qin Zhan’s mansion, Su Yan bought two gaming companies and three publishing companies that were on the verge of shutting down.

He was known as the mysterious director, no one knew who he was or how he followed since he was anonymous. He managed to get a board of directors who will manage these companies and sending him feedback of whatever that occurred, he made sure to appoint jobless youths who studied graphic design, software programming and lots more; he made sure to appoint manga artists as well and anime creators too.

A knock came on his door as he walked down the stairs to the kitchen, he grimaced, recalling that Su Rose and Qin Zhan visited him two days later but that was for the press conference and right now he didn’t know, not that he cared though.

Unlocking the door, stood the charming Chinese model and movie actress with the popular Gaming producer, programmer and creator in the world of Asia and Europe.

“ What a perfect match”, 002 heaved a dying sigh.

“ Perfect match of stupidity”, Su Yan cursed inwardly as he stepped aside to let them in.

Indeed…. Qin Zhan deserved to be the protagonist, with that height, Greek look, neatness, broad shoulders and mannerisms.

“ You look Rosy” Su Rose commented at her cousin’s reddish face and pretty face, how could he still be this healthy with everything going on with him?

“ Are you coming in or not?”, he sharply asked, causing Su Rose to bite her lips in shame only for Su Yan to receive a glare from her man.

“ That’s no way to talk to her”, his godlike voice sounded around the empty mansion causing Su Yan to sneer indifferently at them.

“ What do you two want? I don’t have the whole day to listen on how to treat a woman”

“ At least serve us coffee”, Rose replied meekly as they walked towards his kitchen and made themselves sit on his dinner table.

Su Yan headed towards the coffee machine to make coffee, he made muffins as well before serving them the tasty coffee and juicy muffins, all those while he was making them…..Qin Zhan’s eyes couldn’t let go of him.

He was exceptionally beautiful today with his ruffled hair and baggy shorts and crop top.

Earlier, Su Rose wanted to tell him about his dressing but kept shut seeing the expression on his eyes and now her lover was staring at that flawless skin with no expression attitude as always.

“ What do you want?” Her thoughts got interrupted by Su Yan who sat casually by her left, his feminine and masculine face stared hatefully at her and shivers ran down her spine immediately.

Was Su Yan this scary?

002: Hmph!

“ Qin Zhan and I spoke about employing you in his company…”

“ Did I say I needed a job? What are you actually trying to say?”, Su Yan asked calmly, staring deep into her evil eyes.

“ You clearly need the job and…..”

“ Are you done? Get up and humbly leave. I have a lot of things to spend on instead of working on a project built on lies” he snapped finally as he glared at her.

“ Do the project yourself, help your man as you helped him with the 'planner' ”

Shivers ran down her spine again, this wasn’t the Su Yan she knows, the Su Yan she knows can’t produce such a powerful hand dominating aura like this even Qin Zhan felt it.

002: Hmph! That’s my host, the youngest CEO in his time.

Qin Zhan stared intensively at the beauty before exiting the house without looking back, who does such a dumb thing? Su Rose, speechless, also left to catch with him..??

002: he had a massive boner while staring at you, bisexual frog! I am not even attracted to…..

Su Yan: ha! You win

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