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Easily broken

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All Denki POV

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Chapter 1

Denki went downstairs carefully to avoid his dad. His father wasn't a good person. He was angry that Denki got into UA because he doesn't agree with heroism. His father was is the Livingroom on the couch sleeping. Many beer bottles were on the floor. Denki silently opened the door and left. He heard his dad yell at him but Denki just ran as fast as he could. It was a stormy day and Denki didn't have an umbrella.

By the time he got to the UA campus he was soaked and his hair was dripping wet. He sighed taking a moment to stop and breathe since he ran all the way. He attempted to run inside but he slipped bashing his face on the ground busting his nose.

"Are you ok?!" A redhaired boy ran up to him helping him up.

"Yeah." Denki said wiping some of the blood from his nose of his face.

"I'm Eijiro Kirishima." The redhead said giving Denki a warm smile.

"I'm Denki Kaminari." Denki said brushing some of his blonde hair out of his face.

"What class are you in?" Kirishima asked.

"I'm in class 1A. What about you?" Denki asked Kirishima.

"I'm in the same class. Wanna walk with me?" Kirishima asked.

"Sure." Denki said

Denki had never had a real friend before. Most of the kids at his old school wouldn't talk to him. Or they would bully him. So Denki took this as a sign that his life was gonna get better. As long as he can avoid his father.

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