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(Officially published by JMS Books, LLC in June, 2022 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2VD424G) Naomi is a thin, fashion-loving Torontonian living in a world that likes it large. Being small is her life, and she gets by day-to-day ignoring the micro grievances that surround her until they become unavoidable obstacles in her dating, family, friend, and work life. To add to it, the new girl at work is tormenting her, and she doesn't know who to turn to. Who is this Ami chick, and why has she taken such an intense interest in her? This isn't what she asked for. All she wants is acceptance, respect, and a warm body to spoon on cold nights, and it's going to take more than dressing pretty to accomplish it. This speculative romance takes place in a world similar to our own, but with a tiny twist. Naomi will have to think large and take charge to get what she wants in life, and a pretty girl or a handsome guy on her arm would be an added bonus.

Other / Romance
Vanessa Krauss
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Chapter 1: Naomi

“I think maybe we should just call it quits and head home.” Words that dagger into my bare and exposed soul. Once the clothes come off, I can no longer hide what is beneath.

Standing naked in a shabby Scarborough hotel room, one of those seedy establishments that let people book them by the hour. Her words make me aware of my body, how vulnerable I feel standing there in a pile of my own panties and bra while she sits back on the bed in her self-assured finery of lace. The woman is fifteen years my senior, and even from across the room I can smell is a smoker. Sunk so low that a one-night stand who is the exact opposite of what I’d like to date, and she has the nerve to tell me when I am at my most vulnerable that I’m not her type.

How dare she do this to me! Do me the decency, turn off the damn lamp, and get it over with. Instead, she scopes my shivering frame, assessing what’s on offer, and rejects it. I am more than my weight! But to her, I am a waste of time.

“I wish you told me sooner. I don’t do girls like you.”

The blame. It’s my fault, somehow, not like I chose to be this way. I glower, but it isn’t the first time this has happened. Nor the second. A long string of dates, each ending the same way, with me rummaging around the room for fallen clothes and unused condoms. A narrative repeated a dozen times that when the apology left my mouth, it doesn’t register.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

There’d be no notches on my bed tonight. Another strike. Best of luck next time, Naomi. What a crappy way to end my work week.

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