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The Last Hybrid

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What happens when Aurelia finds out that her whole life had been a lie and she goes to a school for magical creatures? Read more to find out! *MAY MENTION RAPE AND SOME ABUSE! I WILL PUT WARNINGS WHEN IT WILL SHOW! JUST LOOK FOR ⚠⚠ AT THE END IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SKIP IT!*

Other / Fantasy
Lily Mae
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On my way to school, the sky turns grey, and it starts to snow. I tilt my head up and try to catch a few snowflakes on my tongue. I smile and push my glasses back up as I continue walking towards the stairs of the school. I walk up the said flight of steps and take a deep breath in. ‘I can do this!’ I say to myself as I make it to the door to the office.

I walk in and ask to see the principal. The receptionist said it would be about a 5-minute wait, so I turned and took a seat in the waiting area. After 5 minutes, the receptionist told me that I could go talk to the principal, whose door was down the corridor and the first one on the left.

I thank her and follow the instructions she gave me, knocking on the first door on the left. Hearing a faint ′come in’, I open the door and walk in, letting the door shut behind me.

“Ahh! Welcome, Aurelia. I suppose you are here for your schedule and uniform, correct?” I hear the principal ask. I nod meekly, looking at his desk tag. Principal Coven is what the tag says.

“Okay, well here is your schedule,” Principal Coven writes my name, and the page becomes filled with a schedule and a number at the bottom, “The number here at the bottom is your dorm number, the door is already embedded with your DNA so all you have to do is place your hand on the door and it will open.”

“Thank you, sir, I appreciate it. I hope you have a good day.” I say as he hands me the sheet of paper. I take it and look it over, thanking him again and turning to leave.

“Oh! Aurelia, your uniform is in your dorm room, and you have to fill out a form and provide a valid reason if you want to wear the boys’ uniform.” Principal Coven says. I nod, smile, and thank him again, walking out of the room, out of the office, and start making my way home.

As soon as I walked in the door, I noticed Molly was sitting at the kitchen table with a worried look on her face. She adopted me after my mom left, and my dad kind of disappeared one day while he was working. I walked into the kitchen, taking the seat across from her.

“Hey, Molly, are you okay?” I ask, hoping that she really was okay. She looked up at me, sighing.

“Not really, Aura. You see, I had to go to the doctor’s today for a normal checkup. They ran tests, and they told me that I had cancer. It’s not too terribly bad right now, but they said over the next few months, it might get worse.” Molly says. Her voice cracks every few words. She looks up at me again with tears rolling down her face.

“Hey, it will be okay. We still have plenty of time, and they aren’t sure that it will get worse. They said might, which means there is a chance that the cancer cells will stay dormant.. right?” I ask, trying to help Molly calm down.

Molly nods, smiling a little bit. “Hey, how about I make dinner tonight? At least, before I have to go check into my dorm,” I say, getting up, “What sounds good?”

“How about a vegetable shepherd’s pie? I haven’t had one of those in years!” Molly says, smiling. I giggle and agree. After about an hour and a half, the pie was done, and we sat down, eating and talking, just enjoying life. Once we were all done, I took our plates and forks and washed them, putting away the pie in the fridge.

I then asked Molly if she could take me back to the academy so I could check into my dorm. She told me to go get packed, and then she would drive me over there. I hug Molly and run to my room to pack my essentials.

We made it to the front of Pine Grove Academy’s dorm building. I look at Molly, smile, and open my arms for a hug. She hugs me back, and I hear her sniffle. I don’t blame her, I’m on the edge of crying myself. I tightened my hug one last time before I let go and offered Molly a small smile. She smiles back, and I wave to her as I get out of the car. It takes me about 2 minutes to get everything out of Molly’s car. I wave at Molly and smile before she drives off, leaving me in the hands of Pine Grove.

I sigh and shake my arms to get rid of any nerves I may have gathered. I pick up my stuff and head inside Dorm Building 4. I make it up the stairs to dorm number 419, and remembering what the headmaster said, I place my hand on the door. It opens, and I quickly step inside.

Just as quickly as I step inside, I feel pressure against my chest. The wind had gotten knocked out of me by the force of the door hitting my back. I open my eyes to see a raven-haired boy, who is the one pinning me to the door, I look to the left and see a brunette boy who looks like he is uncomfortable, and then to the right, I see another brunette boy who seems uninterested.

“Who are you, and how did you get in here?!” asks the ravenette. I looked back at him, and by this time, the air had returned to my lungs, so I asked, “Can you get your hand off my chest first, please?”

The boy seems a little shocked but removes his hand nonetheless. I take a very deep breath and release it.

“Thank you. My name is Aurelia Evans, and this is my dorm. Who are you?”

“I am Airen, the one who pinned you is Orion, and the silent one there is Korin. Orion and I are alphas in this school.” The brunette on the left answered as he pointed to everyone, respectively.

I nod and inquire, “Alphas? What do you mean, I thought this was a human school.” Orion begins growling before shouting, “YOU’RE A HUMAN?! HOW WERE YOU EVEN ALLOWED AT THIS SCHOOL?!”

I shrink a little bit and shrug, not trusting myself to speak. Airen then sighs and says, “O, cool it.” Orion’s growling fades a little bit.

“Aurelia, were you not told that this was a school for creatures with magic?”
I shake my head, “I wasn’t told anything of the sort.”

Airen nods his head and sighs. “Okay, so here’s the thing about this school.”

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