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There's more to Basketball than the game itself To some, Basketball is a sport, for others it's a competition. And for very few others just a simple game. But for Miles Creed to him...It's Freedom

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“This kid is the true definition of an MVP. Miles Creed, at 5′9, 190 pounds, he’s a man among boys. He’s a lead shooter, can rebound a basketball, and a great defender. That boy should be on the NBA right now”

“Miles Creed is god’s gift from heaven. I’ve never seen anyone from the school play like he can. That boy knows how to make me proud”

“Creed? Man that brother got that ice in his veins you feel me? A natural killer in the game man! Ice cold!”

“Man, have you even see him play? He’s got the skills of Michael Jordan and Lebron James combined! I’ve always got to bring extra pair of dry panties every time i see him play, that boy sure knows how to make a bitch we--”

Miles, that boy is a spectacular human being, I’ve seen him play he’s got so much potential in him, his spot in the NBA is waiting for him i can feel it. I have high hopes for him, we all do”

We all do’

We all do’

We all do…’

The sounds of a basketball bouncing is being echoed in an empty black room and the ball was shot into the net by a couple of free throws, lay-ups, Jump shots, and Hook shots. The ball was dribbling again by a young African American young man with long curly afro hair wearing a black tank top jersey and red words saying 'Durfee 23' and black shorts with white strips as he looks at the basketball goal.

"You ain't got no talent. No way, no how"

"A basketball player? Come back to me when you got a real dream"

"You ain't got no badges, You ain't got no cred, You an't got no skills, You's a joke!"

"You wasting my time! And my money on this useless shit! Forget your dreams Miles, it ain't gonna happen. You ain't gonna be no basketball player!

'Basketball player!'

'Basketball player!'

Basketball player!'

All of those words were echoing through his head as he runs to the goal, jumps in the air and does a slam dunk in the goal. And soon after he does more small dunks at the net.

"I don't care what they say, nothing's gonna stop me. Now it's time fore me to be set free"

As he thinks that into his head he makes a jump shot into the goal.

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