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Flowers In The Storm

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A story of devastating drama, deception, and disability. A book about fumbling through storm after storm, trying to find the flowers.

Other / Drama
Elliot Magnus
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An Introduction

Hello, reader. Today, I want to tell you a story. It might have a few inaccuracies, mind. My recollection of events isn't perfect. Still, allow me to guide you down a path of memories.

As I write to you, reader, I hope you will understand that I am not complaining. Nor am I selling my story as one of good fortune. It is simply one I wish to share. So join me, on this perilous path called memory lane.

First, I want to paint you a picture. Me, sitting with my dog, putting my heart on this page. I am nervous, reader. I want to be honest and vulnerable with you, reader, and that is something that scares me. I do not like vulnerability and frankly, people have not taught me to trust easily. Still, I believe that sharing my journey with you must be so, or it will lose all meaning.

I will warn you now that this book is intense, and if you choose to cease your journey with me, I will understand. I do intend to recount experiences which have the potential to tigger trauma, and I will not be coating them in pretty lies. This will be a book full of devastation, a garden drowning in a storm.

With that in mind, reader, if you are still with me, let's begin.

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