My life as being transgender

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Growing up I was always active, but we never really had enough money for me to play a sport. There were also times when sports didn't really appeal to me. My Freshman year of high school I joined the girls basketball team. I had never been on a team before. I found out I love playing basketball. Everyday after school I would either have a 2 hour practice or a game. Even on the weekends we had practices or games. The coaches pushed all of us past our limits. Even when I was out of breath from all the sprints I had felt amazing. I was never a starter but, I played to the best of my abilities. I'm only like 5'3 and scrawny which might be another reason I was never a starter. Whenever coach put me in I was ready and pumped with energy. Coach sometimes called me a animal and I have a feeling he knew I left everything I had on the court. I will never forget the time I had a super rough day and I kept messing up during practice. Coach started calling me "drill killer". It really pissed me off. When we started to do a layup drill, he brought something out to teach us what it would feel like if we had a chance of being blocked. I was really pissed off I nearly knocked him on his ass when I did the layup. It was so funny. When the other Coach got there he told him, "I thought she was gonna kill me". It made everyone laugh, but I have a feeling he only said that to cheer me up. Even though we didn't win many games, on the ride home from away games you would think we did. I still can't believe that rush I got when I was dribbling that ball down the court.

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