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Press Kill

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Press Kill - A Murder Mystery Welcome to AKonStudio's third short story. In today’s episode, we bring you an intriguing murder mystery. Follow the adventures of Ana, a junior cop at the Cyberville City Police Department, who becomes captivated by a case she watches on the Skyline Press channel one Wednesday morning. As a single mother to her 8-year-old daughter, Nora, Ana is determined to solve the case, even during her vacation period. Join us as we delve deeper into the unfolding of this captivating case, which is resolved within a week's time. So, sit back, turn off the lights, and enjoy a cup of coffee as we transport you into this thrilling story.

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Skyline Press

“It is wonderful weather today here in Cyberville, with the sun shining bright and wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday morning”, read the news reporter, Mr. David Beck, from Skyline Press on channel 405. He had a loud and arrogant tone of voice and seemed to be having a great start after his morning coffee at Brewtopia, a popular coffee shop where media people gather to exchange gossip about celebrities and the entertainment industry. “Good day to you too, Beck” smiled Ana Kagan, the junior detective at Cyberville City Police Department, CCPD, who was watching the news while deciding whether her 8-year-old daughter, Nora Kagan, would prefer hot chocolate or Oreo cereal for breakfast.

“Coming to our main story of today, there has been a murder committed as of yesterday night at Palm Street. The details regarding who and how’s of the murder have been kept a top secret by the CCPD higher-ups. The police are making their highest efforts in finding who the killer is and also uncovering the motive for this atrocious act of crime. We will continue after a short break with more topics on today’s agenda,” said Beck with a serious tone at the end of his close-up shot.

As young Nora, dressed for school, entered the kitchen, she posed a sudden question to her mother about the meaning of murder. Ana was taken aback, but she managed to clarify that murder occurs when individuals intentionally and unlawfully take another person’s life, explaining to Nora that it involves bad people harming good people. Ana then reminded Nora of her teachings, and Nora immediately responded that they should avoid any harmful or negative thoughts about others or anything else. This was a regular question asked by Ana and a common routine for Nora.

Nora’s cheerful request for Oreo cereal for breakfast was met with Ana’s approval. Nora’s bright smile, which revealed her dimple, added to the pleasant atmosphere. However Ana, having short hallucination episodes, was lost in thought as she headed to the fridge to get milk. During this time, Nora noticed her mother’s stillness and asked if she was okay.

Ana recollected her thoughts and brought herself back to the present. She turned around to face her daughter and said, “Yes, my daughter, I just remembered that mommy has to get to work soon.” The mother and daughter duo wrapped up their breakfast sooner than usual and left the house, arriving at Nora’s school much earlier than usual. “Do good, be good,” were the parting words, Ana said as they both parted ways to begin their beautiful Wednesday morning.

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