Star Wars: The Galaxy's Greatest Hits

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A collection of parodies I wrote with Star Wars themes.

Other / Scifi
Loki B. Mohammad
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Ever been curious about music in a galaxy far, far away? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the galaxy for the best compositions from Coruscant to Ryloth, Mandalor to Tatooine, and Kashyyk to Corellia. For the first time since 30 BBY, all of your favorite tunes in one place just in time for the galaxy to celebrate the fall of the Empire!

Sit back and listen to all the classics made famous by your favorite artists such as The Moisture Farmers, Van Hutta, the Mustufar Muninciple Choir, and many many more! Also featuring bonus tracks from Figirin D’an and the Modal Nodes!*

So pour a glass of blue milk, recline in your favorite bantha-leather chair, and enjoy the music from a time before the fear of the Empire crept into the galaxy!

The Galaxy’s Greatest Hits, available now wherever music data discs are sold!**

*Lyrics not available for Modal Nodes’ instrumental-only bonus tracks.

**Galaxy’s Greatest Hits is a product of Coruscant Records and is distributed by Galactic City Music. Not available on the Outer Rim Territories. Avoid where prohibited.

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