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Jessica is about Michael and Jonathon, and the person they both seek, Jessica. As Jessica gives one man a life, she takes another’s away as the media and social media catch wind of this. In many ways, Jessica is the very essence of the world we live in as it deals with all of the relevance and irrelevance on a wide range of important, literal and metaphorical levels. It has all of the drama, comedy and passion of Shakespeare, yet it has the tragedy too. Jessica has the drama, the comedy, the tragedy that consumes our everyday lives. Jonathon lives with great pain, Jessica with great regret, and Michael never looks back, but yet, maybe he does. Jessica is a novel that speaks to us as a culture. It’s a novel that is sadistic, masochistic, loving, romantic, nurturing, cruel, pure, innocent, evil, heavenly, enlightening, hateful, angry, painful, sad, depressing, happy, beautiful, ugly, physical, emotional, religious, having faith, not having faith, righteous, right, and wrong. It’s a novel that is subjective to the eye of the beholder, very grey as in life. Jessica is unable to give the answers or maybe it gives the reader all of the answers, as again, it’s a novel that’s subjective in its meaning to the eye of the beholder, what the individual reader takes away from it. As like the Bible, perhaps Jessica can be looked at literally,

Other / Drama
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Chapter 1

She’s hopping on his dick as it makes the clapping sound, that real fun clapping sound, her legs clapping against his nuts. He loved that, he got off on it. Next, she’s riding him like a pony on his bed in the same rhythmic motion, giving attention to the tip. They change positions and he starts fucking her in the doggy style position over his bed, and she starts screaming with joy, dazzling in ecstasy. After the satiable sex romp ends, they take a picture together, a selfie. They talk for a little bit and he smokes a cigar, triumphant in his conquest. Her name is Sarah, she’s very skinny, a blonde woman of 24 years of age with some ferocity in her attitude. Michael is a good looking guy, he knows this. He’s 28 years old and he’s a white man with long brown hair and green eyes, and the women usually come to him fairly easily. He was usually happy, but he felt something was missing in his life as a person feels from time to time as if something is fleeting from him/her. Time. He talked with her, asking her why she wanted to fuck him all of the sudden and she said because of ‘these’ as she grabbed one of his arms. They had met on-line the other night and she lived about 2 hours north from him, however she had to bring her Aunt to the LAX airport today, therefore they both set up for a meeting at his place to fuck after she dropped off her Aunt, which Sarah now explained in her words was a ‘kick and roll’ on her Aunt getting out of her truck at the airport. Sarah was happy she got laid (as she had been itching to fuck, it had been too long for her) and she told Michael she knew who to call now when she needed a good fuck. She said she had needed that, she had needed to get fucked out of her head. Michael was happy to oblige. They had a swimmingly good time. Sarah’s whole body was beaming. He had a well-endowed grower, and when he came he had become even more expansive inside of her, she thought. She wasn’t on the pill, but she wasn’t worried. It had been awhile since Michael had-had sex as well. He had erupted a huge volcano of potential life into her body.

An hour went by and Sarah left his apartment. Michael washed his face off, then looked at himself in the mirror, just looking, not really sure of his life. Fretting, he decided to go out to a bar he frequented quite often. He was drinking alone and Sarah texted him, sexting him was more like it. She had made it back home safe and she wanted to fuck him again very soon. Michael didn’t have a car however, he was going to buy a friend’s car very soon-as soon as his friend bought his new car, then the friend would sell his old car to Michael. Who knew how long it would take his friend to buy a new car, but Michael wasn’t going to tell Sarah that, he would just let her believe he had a car, as he had lied this to her previously. She didn’t need to know the truth and besides, he might never see her again anyway, but it was still a good fuck nonetheless. Michael didn’t mind drinking alone in his brimming confidence that had been brought about earlier by Sarah. He looked around the bar and saw a pretty girl, he smiled at her and she smiled at him. Michael continued to drink his beer. Michael was a cad. He had-had many women, many women (although again, it had been awhile until Sarah today). He was missing something though. Like some underlying emptiness inside. Michael believed in God, but he knew he needed to do better to please God, that he would do something bad, then pray and tell the lord he was sorry, but Michael knew this wasn’t right to do all of the time no matter if Jesus Christ died on the cross for everyone’s sins, that believing in the Trinity and asking for forgiveness when we did bad didn’t give us a license to do wrong. Michael felt we all still had to take accountability for our actions. But Michael walked the line as he didn’t take accountability for most of his actions. He needed to start to though. He needed to man up. Seek favor. Proactively seek favor.

Her name is Jessica, she’s 24 years old, a mix of Caucasian and Hispanic. She lives with her parents in Santa Monica, California. She’s pretty, but not beautiful, she has a certain look about her. She is a little nerdy in the fact that she loves comic books and video games. She liked her job at a Doggy day car place as her pictures showed on her Facebook page. Her boyfriend’s name is Jonathon, they had been dating for over a year now and they were engaged and would be getting married in 4 months. She was starting to plan everything pertaining to the wedding with her sister, Helen. Her sister looked a lot like her except Jessica was fairly skinny, not real skinny, but fairly skinny, whereas Helen was a big girl, big in her stature. It was going to be a wonderful wedding. Jonathon was a big geek too. He loved video games, loved comic books, he worked in the IT field, they were indeed a good match for each other. They had been up to the Redwoods together as many of their pictures showed. They had been camping numerous times, sometimes in the snow. They loved to hike different mountains as many of their pictures showed. They loved to be together and travel together as all of their pictures showed on Facebook. Jessica was always smiling at Jonathon in many of their pictures together, she loved him very much. They had a very sweet and precious devotion to one another.

Neither of them wanted kids, but as years go by, people change as Jonathon knew this at least. He’d never been happier and he was looking forward to starting the rest of his life with the love of his life, Jessica. Jonathon stood 6’2 in height (as Jessica was 5’5-so they looked good together in their pictures), he wore glasses, he had a little bit of facial hair, he was a little chunky, he dressed a little dorky, and he had a good job at a reputable computer company. This had been a great year for him. Jessica’s parents were wanting her to have kids and were hoping they could change her mind about having children one day. Jessica didn’t think she wanted kids ever, but she didn’t think she would fall in love again either, so she wasn’t sure what might happen.

Jessica had previously been in a relationship with someone for 5 years and when that had ended, she was hoping they could at least be friends, but she found out that wasn’t going to happen because her ex always wanted her back as more than friends. Jessica dated another guy, who was just kind of a rapid fling, she had dated him for only 3 months-at that point in her life, Jessica felt a person shouldn’t be committed to just one person, she didn’t believe it was reasonable. But then she met Jonathon, and after some time of dating Jonathon, she fell in love with him, and so they were getting married now. Jonathon had never had a serious relationship as this was all pretty new to him, and he was very excited about the wedding as was she.

Jessica’s family and siblings loved Jonathon and Jonathon’s family and siblings loved Jessica. It really was a match made in heaven, on all levels. But one can’t forget to mention that they both didn’t believe in God. They were both Atheist’s, err in actuality, Jonathon was an Atheist and Jessica was a Nihilist. Correctly speaking, a match made on earth, according to their beliefs.

Later that night after drinking at the bar, Michael hopped on his lap top and looked at his friends on Facebook. Jessica was one of them. Jessica Whaley-Rodriguez was her full name. He looked at her profile and he looked at all of her pictures of her and Jonathon. He looked and saw they were engaged. An overwhelming feeling/sensation came over him with an understanding of it all that had just hit him right in the face. An understanding of what was missing in his life, realizing he’d been feeling inadequate and depressed for awhile now. His eyes started to swell as a tear began rolling down his cheek like a river flowing down stream. He’d had an epiphany. Michael cried a little, then closed his laptop and laid down on his floor, on his back, with his hands over his face. Then he got up, knelt down at his bed and prayed to God. He was whispering something which couldn’t be heard, that could only be heard in his prayer between him and God. He kept praying as his whole apartment was shown from the inside, then it was shown from the outside, it was a big apartment complex. Michael finished his prayer, thought for a moment, then nodded his head.

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