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How would you feel to be part of a story. And I don't mean that you're so involved in reading you feel like you're there. I mean, you actually play a part in the story you are reading. This is your chance to experience that. So, check it out. And live within another world for a while.

Other / Romance
Diana Hart
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Greetings, Cherished Reader.

I am known as Romos. I am the Author of this world Libretto that you may have read several stories about. After many stories being told in this world of some the experiences my children have been through. I came to realize that there was one story that was often brought up, but not made clear to those who heard that. I found it was time to tell this story to those who wish to hear. That story being, my own.

Let’s start at the beginning, Cherished Reader. My first memories was long before I became the God/Author of Libretto. It was when I was merely and idea. An Intelligence that my mother and father had made while they made their own world. They had physical bodies, emotions beyond what I could comprehend, and knowledge I could only dream of at the time. The made it known to their children, the other intelligences that were my spiritual brothers and sisters, that they had made a world for us. We would be able to go to that world, be born, live, grow, learn, and eventually die to return to them.

The idea was sound. But I won’t lie, I was scared at the thought of leaving. I knew nothing else, and my parent told me that none of us would remember our life before we went to that world. But many of us took the leap of faith and went to that world. We learned. We grew. We came to know joy because we experienced sorrow.

I would tell you the details of my life on that world, but I fear that would take up than one book’s pages. But I will say that world I lived on was vastly different from Libretto. Libretto is filled with fantastical creatures and beings that my world could only dream up. But at the same time, Libretto would only be able to dream of beings and creatures from the world I lived in with my physical body.

Libretto has Magic. But Erde had Technology. Each world is so vastly different that it is a marvel to study either. I took many of the things I learned on Erde and applied it to Libretto.

When the time came for me to return to my parents, I, along with many of my spiritual siblings, were told that we could now take the lessons we learned from our lives and make our own worlds. We were the New Gods in this system, and we continued what our parents had taught us. And this system continues back to infinite worlds, and infinite possibilities. The only limit is our imagination.

And so, I created Libretto and filled it with the creatures and beings that could do the same as I had done. But I did not have a partner like my parents had each other. I was along. Thus, I decided to create beings that could provide assistance to what I needed.

I created the Elementals. Each being that embodied the element they brought to life in the world. Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Air, Lightning, and Libretto. Their story will be one that I tell later to your world.

After I created them, I began filling the world with creatures and beings to bring life to the world of Libretto. But I left Libretto incomplete. I did that on purpose. I made this world and I wanted my children to experience the feeling of creation in their life. I wanted them to learn like I had and make their own ideas into reality. And I got to experience the joy of seeing them succeed.

Many of my children decided to continue to tell my story among their people. They call me the Great Author. The one who write’s their stories down. Which, in a way, it is true. But my children believe I am watching them from above. That is not true.

I am actually among them. I walk with them. Talk with them. They just don’t know that it is me. I travel and encounter every one of my children at least once in their life. But I am aware of every one of their needs. I can help them get what they need from time to time.

Something that gives me that advantage is that I am the only being that can alter the world around me. Not like any Mage or Magic User can. Their magic can change the world around them, but they cannot make gold from lead. On the other hand, I do have the ability to change things according to how I need them to go. I do it on a daily basis.

And so, I write my story now to you Cherished Reader. I will tell you my experiences and how this world works with me walking among my children. And as I write, I hope to possibly get to know you as well.

I’ve always wanted to know who reads my stories. I know I live in a world of Fiction for you. But this world is real for me. Libretto is my reality. And one day, I hope that it may be real for you as well.

I must thank you, Cherished Reader, it is because of you that I continue to write these stories. If not for you, I may have never even started. Before I continue, I must ask one question.

What is your Name?


Welcome, Cherished Reader, to Libretto.

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