TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 11: Absolom

A place where black rock towers above like jagged teeth of the engulfing darkness that gloats. The rock sweats, its perspiration trickles thickly down its smoothly jagged sides. It appears as a dark deep red when light is shone upon it, thick and slow it answers gravities call like the last of the blood that slowly seeps out from the cut on the inner thigh of the strung up men, woman or children. Too often have my eyes averted from such sights. The skin trade. Human skin fetches a price. The more “in tact” the higher the sell. Bodies sporadically are strung upside down off a wire cable. Two cuts on inner thighs, one on each. Two cuts on the neck. One on each side. The feet will be sliced later. The points of the fingers too.

Some call it the blood stone for it appears to bleed. I guess it could be said to be the one place you can squeeze blood from a stone. They certainly squeeze here. Painfully.

It’s hard to write. I kinda expected everything to just explode out. But instead its like having a belt around your neck and the more you write the tighter the belt becomes.

I don’t know why that is.

Absalom. As much as there is pain everywhere in absalom, pain is not its’ main agenda. Absalom is where the council sits. The council of three. The ungodly trinity. The stench of fear is overwhelming in Absalom. But the fear is fear that is inward bound, as if they collect fear in pockets of space and store them all in this one place. It’s full of the fears of the world, from the childs nightmare to the fear of death felt in an elderly. It’s all here. Like they breathe fear. They, the council, are rich in fear belonging to others.

Where is this place, Absalom. Is it really real? Or was it the experience that felt so very real but was nothing more than a lie, a fabrication, drug induced and trauma based.

You see the reason I have to ask the question is because everything we know we have to question. Everything we know, we cannot assume true. As everything they teach is full of lies.

Lets start with the agenda of Absalom. Their agenda is simple. World domination. They want physicality. Have you figured out who they are yet. There are them and then there is them. Them being those physical, human and them being those non-physical, the spiritual entities. See? This tale is as old as existence.

You see, in absalom there is only one purpose, to dominate. To dominate humanity. To win the souls. No, not win, for its not a fair game they play, but to steal the souls. Steal yes. That would be more appropriate.

Way back in the beginning, humanity was given dominion. But humanity gave dominion away, they were deceived into giving dominion away. I know, I know, you thinking, here she goes off on a biblical fairytale right? Except it ain’t no fairytale. And you couldn’t understand unless you knew the whole story. First the darkness birthed it’s seed into this earth when it deceived Eve, it opened the doorway that exists in each human between the spiritual and the physical for we are spirit and we are physical and each of us is basically a human portal. A gateway by which things spiritual have access to the physical realm. The only way they have access to the physical realm. The only way they can have their plans and purposes on this earth brought to fruition is at the hands of a human. Fact. We are the vessels through which the spiritual operates and it is us that allows them to use us as their vessel. There are many many ways that grant them legal rights to us. Which I don’t think I will get into right now, perhaps later. Right now, I want to speak of Absalom. Of what pain on earth is.

Start pre-birth. In the womb. Start there. Start with the mother holding her stomach and speaking to the child within. Speaking words of hate. Words of no worth. Words. Words have power. And speaking them over your unborn child is like placing a curse over the child, like bringing an insecure child into this world. Don’t think for a moment that a child in the womb does not feel anxiety, does not feel love, does not feel hate.

Its a miracle in itself that the child survives pregnancy. That it does not miscarry, and many many do. Pre-birth trauma sets the stage for the trauma to come and defines the expectancy of the child to survive the upcoming trauma. The mother herself will be tortured, all-though somewhat willingly, at least the part in her that likes pain will be brought forward to receive the torture. She will have small shocks sent through her, connections at her toes, her fingers, her nipples and yes, her private parts too. There is also a device that looks like a wire loop attached to a handle that will be inserted into the mothers private parts and small shocks sent through it. Nothing they do is not without knowing the limitations of what they do, and there is always a medical assistant close at hand to step in should something go wrong. They don’t at this point intend on killing the mother or the child, believe it or not. They are intent on two things, one is causing what they call a pre-birth split and the other is to determine the childs survival rate. If a child in the womb should not handle the torture, it will be miscarried and sacrificed. Unless that child is of a high ranking family. The child might be kept. Might be. But it might not survive life for all too long as if they cannot get the child to dissociate it will become one of the sacrifices. A child that can’t dissociate is not a child the cult needs nor wants. Too high risk and without any worth to them. The parents are not encouraged to have emotions for the child within them from the start I guess. The parents are involved in the torture from the word go. This would be an expectation. However, you would think that any person, normal or abnormal, would not be able to subject their own child, or any child, to the likes of what the cult expects. You would expect them to leave the cult right? Right. Except they don’t. I don’t understand it. It’s one thing if the parent is kept in the cults “compound” as such, where they are completely removed from society and have no access to the outside world, then you can understand escape is not likely neither would they know any better. But when it’s the family that is double-lifed, meaning living a “normal” life on one side of life and a cult life on the other, thats different. There is room for escape. There is, because you are not 24/7 in the cult environment. There is time for your mind to acknowledge something is not quite right. And any person raised in a cult family is at some point, after leaving school for example, exposed to a life “away” from the cult, or at least a life where there is less control and exposure as they are away from the family, that is of course assuming they move away. They would still be called home monthly but the time away would be greatly increased which gives the mind time to realise that there is a different exposure to life now and a time to reflect on or have an awareness of something out of the ordinary taking place. There will be a natural distaste for family gatherings. And the thing is, at least it was for me, even if the torture inflicted by family was done in a dissociated state, meaning that they themselves were not aware of what they were doing, there were times when they would be their “normal” self, and surely during those times at the very least they should feel some form of attachment or love towards their own child? So how come my parents never had that side to them? Side-tracking, sorry.

Back to the point. Absalom.

It’s really hard to write without emotion coming up. There used to be a time when it was possible but healing is happening and emotion is now something I feel, not necessarily understand but feel.

There are many many many forms of torture that the cult will inflict on a child. I will only speak of those that I have recollection of having happened in our life. I won’t speak of what I am not aware of having experienced. Although there is much.

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