TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 13: The Main places

The were five places, three I put together and two I put together.


There was a place not too far out of town, on a farm in the bush, this place I refer to as the bush. It was a meeting place for cults from the region and they would meet every six weeks or so. Everyone would come together for a weekend, sometimes when high days demanded, more than a weekend. This was always over school holidays though. Everything would be done to fit in with short vacations being completely “normal”.

Then there was “the caves”. These were about an hour and a half or two hours drive away. They were not for “everyone” and we went there less frequent than the bush, maybe four times a year but I could be wrong. They were underground caves in a sense, under boulders. On a spiritual tribal land.

The third place was the caves at GG. They were underground caves, also on tribal spiritual grounds, and there were also forests that behind the house were GG lived.


The fourth place was the mine. The old mine shafts.

The fifth place a stone shed on UJ small farm.

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