TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 16: The game of numbers

This is similar to the teddy bear picnics except this is in the cult setting. Using child slaves. It’s a game to instill the fear of death, to instill a knowledge that teaches them they have no worth and can be snuffed out at any minute. Except its really a scare tactic. Depends on who is controlling the game I guess as to whether the final one who dies really dies or if its just a really played out scene that is convincing enough to look like death. It depends on who is controlling the game.

But its a game called numbers. Each child is given a number normally it will be drawn on the childs person or at times written on paper that the child must hold with them throughout the game. To lose your number means the number you lost could be the “winning number”. The number chosen to die. This game has rules. A number is chosen and the children will not be made aware of the chosen number. They will just know there is only one or sometimes two numbers chosen. It could be theirs, it might not be. Luck of the draw. But the children are given a “head start”. They start running a few minutes before the chasers chase, sometimes dogs accompany them, sometimes not.

The child must run. The child must hide. The child must pray their number was not drawn. The rule is, only the children with the chosen number will be killed that night. If they find you. But really there is no way of escaping the ground the game is played on. Its just a matter of time before they find the ones. If you are found and your number not be the number you are lucky. You will survive. You might be raped or the likes there of, but you won’t be killed. Thats the rule, only the children with the chosen numbers will be killed. The children though would have been pre-chosen. They would have been “disposable”. For the cult does not kill a child slave they have invest years of time into creating. But the child does not know this.

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