TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 18: The Gift

The Gift. Yeah. That’s kinda funny. More like the curse.

I was apparently born with a gift. A gift for seeing things that were going to happen or that had happened or knowing things that I had no reason for knowing. A gift. The only people who can say it is a gift are the people who don’t have it. Anyone who can’t “see” wants to “see”. Those who “see”, generally run from it.

Regardless. I was apparently born with this gift. That I still try to run from.

However, my “gift” was an asset to them. Of course, a “seer” by their own right gets a certain rank. I had rank from bloodline already. I blame this “gift” for a lot of what occurred to me in childhood. I think that if I did not have it a lot of what happened would not of happened. Having this “gift” made me a high price to fetch. A great bargain tool. And F used it.

But before we get into that. Continuing on the various ways of “torture” or perhaps they would phrase it “behavioural teachings”.

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