TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 1: Because there is a tale to tell

Because there is a tale to tell.

There is a tale to tell of snakes and dragons, the red dragon. Of the mincing of meat and the stringing of words. Of dark agendas that echo through the tunnels below. Of spinning lights, shocks and induced distortions. Of children. Of caves and candles and vile lusts of the flesh and desires of the spirit. The breaking of bones within the circle and its hidden cages. Of mutton cloth and midnight ventures. Of authorities that bind and secrets kept. Possessing and possessed. It’s a tale of those parallel, those intertwined, those physical and that which binds. That which is hidden, that which is purposed and the eye that sees.

Dragons. Mythical creatures. So they say. “They” being the disillusioned millions that fail to consider the concept of imagination and its limitations. Gargoyles cemented in time that watch over the coming and goings of so many people on buildings of old that scatter the sands we tread upon. Hidden in plain sight lies truth neatly packaged in myth. That which the mind conceived I assure you stems not from imagination but from old age truths. That which was once known, history has blissfully evolved into tales of heroes and mythological creatures. Myth. Myth is merely concealed knowledge, concealed by those in the knowing, those in power. Those who themselves are disillusioned into believing they are in control but the truth be told, dragons cannot be tamed. Gargoyles cannot be domesticated. Humans can be deceived. Humans can choose to be deceived... and their deceivers become the very heroes of their legends.

Dragons... timeless entities imprisoned in time. Immortal, they invade the mortality of man seeking only to devour and destroy the essence of the immortal spirit formed in the image of Yahweh, given freedom of choice. “Be therefore as wise as serpents” Wise words of caution that serve no more than to fill the pages of a timeless manuscript of Truth, its depths lost amongst the shallow minds of the masses that choose to give over their ability to think and control their own destiny into the hands of a few herders, herding their herd into the gallows. Man, a disregarding fool, gives himself over to the depravity of another... to his demise.

Dragons... hierarchy denotes the authorities of the powers that be. The prince of the air, the lord of the underworld, the darkness that encompasses the sphere of life. 108 points of authority. 108 points of darkness into which Light must shine. 108 points of destruction from whence the stench of death rises up and pollutes the air we breathe. Every breath inhaled tinged with yellow poisonous venom of the serpent. Yet we inhale the sweet aroma of death coated with honey without tasting the destruction we give authority to, a double bind if you will. Unable to stand, we fear fear itself. Timor Metus, the fear of fear.

Hierarchy. The foundational structuring of man, hierarchy in the structuring of darkness. Children submit to parents, wives submit to husbands, husbands submit to leaders, leaders submit to their god.

Hierarchy. Dragon submit to the serpent. The tale of snakes and dragons. The tale of fallen angels. The tale of gods that found the daughters of men to be desirable and took them for themselves as wives and they bore unto them Nephilim.

Dragons. They fell from the heavens, cast down by pride, they are bound in the underworld, bound into dimensions parallel, until the time of the opening of the gates, until the completion of the opening of the 108 points of authority. Until such a time a now.

Dragons. They seat themselves as the points of the serpent. His right hand be Red, his left hand be Black. At his eyes be Green and Yellow. At his mouth be White. This I know, of the others I cannot be certain. These form the 5 points of influence of the serpent that influence the lower ranks beneath in the hierarchy of the underworld, in the hierarchy of darkness. From the mouth flows the perversion of Light, from his mouth flows light, the light bearer, the bearer of light but not THE Light. The fine line that separates Truth from lie. The fine line that deceives many into darkness. “Be therefore as wise as serpents”. “Be not deceived”. “Desire wisdom and knowledge from Your Heavenly Father”.

Hierarchy. Angelic beings submit to Yahweh, there can be no deviance, even in rebellion still they must submit to the authority of hierarchy, the authority of Yahweh. “And Lucifer made his appearance in heaven, and God asked him from where does he come, from roaming the surface of the earth the replied”.

And to man God gave all authority over all living things.

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