TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 19: To ask a question

I do not know how old I was. But I was younger than four, I know that. Perhaps I had seen what was coming in the future. I never do understand exactly what I see. But I made a mistake. I questioned in my lack of speaking ability what happened if the mine shaft ever flooded.

You see, the mine shaft is a whole section of its own. But one of its main purposes was housing children. In cells underground. Children that were to be disposed of. Or children waiting to be sold. But children that they needed to keep hidden for a period of time whatever the particular reason per child might be.

It was on the fourth level down that these cells were built along the passageway, or shaft, I don’t really know what you would term it.

At some point for some stupid reason I was really stupid. And I made the fatal mistake of asking a question. Fatal not for me, although I would of preferred it to have been. I asked what would happen to the children in the mine if it flooded.

F felt it necessary to give me a demonstration. There was a little boy that was my friend. Younger than me. He still wore a nappy but had started walking. I do not know who his parents were, but if he had parents they must of been cult. He was my friend. I had been allowed to befriend him. He often would come with us to this little dam outside of town where we would fish. Or he would just be there anyway. Not sure who would bring him. I don’t remember that. But F, he said he would show me what would happen if the shaft flooded.

He took us out to the dam.

If you stood facing the dam, to the left was the dam wall, a small wall. It was a fair size dam but not huge, although to me at that age it was huge. You couldn’t see the other side of it. But that I think might have been to do with the terrain because I know you could walk to the other side.

To the right, if you stood facing the dam, was a small flow of water that constantly flowed. Not a river, just a constant flow of wetness. Very marshy kinda. And there the mud was very much clay.

It was B, F, me and the little boy. B was made to take the spade. It all happened really quickly. As B dug, the bottom of his hole would start filling. He did not have to dig very deep at all. Not at all. It happened so quick. F grabbed the little boy, stuck him head first in the hole and told B to fill it over. He did.

Thats what happens to the children should the mines flood. They drown.

Thats what happens when you ask questions you shouldn’t.

I never asked a question again.

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