TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 20: Shocks

I don’t even know where to begin this topic. Perhaps the best place is the first memory I have of it.

It was being placed on a light box. You know one of those boxes they use to look at, I think, x-rays on? Those electrical boxes that have a light inside that shine through the top of it?


I was really young maybe three. I would be in a room on this light box. On the ceiling in the two corners of the room behind my head were two lights that would flash. One would flash purple, the other white. The room would be dark except for these lights and the light from the light box. At my feet stood three people. One was M. One was a doctor. And one was something I cannot describe. Like a lizard almost person with really long fingers. I am sure based on the fact that I am speaking about a lizard person that I was drugged. My toes had clamps on them. Little clamps, I think they are called crocodile clips. I could be wrong. From these lights would “float” pieces of paper that each contained a word or a picture depending and I would have to say what it was without being able to see the word or picture. If I got the answer wrong I would be shocked.

I don’t know where that room was.

There was a room in the mine shaft that was roughly cut out. It had in it this metal table like an operating table.

On you head was placed monitors, on your heart too. Goggles would be put over your eyes. The goggles would flash different colour lights over and over and over and the table would rotate so that you were hanging upside down, strapped to the table facing the floor. Except eventually after all the flipping and the lights flashing it was no longer possible to know when you were hanging and when you were lying on your back.

There was a doctor there always, and machines that monitored or gave graph results or something.

That is all I remember.

There is another room inside the mines somewhere. I don’t know if it is below the level of the children or above it. I think above it. I could be wrong.

In this room you there is a cubicle with a chair which you sit in. There is a door which is locked that has an envelope hole in it. A piece of paper is dropped giving co-ordinates or the name of place or a persons name. You then have to sit in the chair and focus on the name or place and write down everything you see. You then put the paper back inside the envelope hole.

I don’t recall what happens if you get it wrong. Or if you get it right.

Then there is the other room. This room is used for programming. You are strapped to a chair. Drugged. Your eyes taped open. And you are forced to watch videos play in front of you over and over and over. You start to hallucinate which is why I say you are drugged. Although I don’t always remember there being an injection given in that room. But there must of been. This room is known as after school.

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