TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 21: The Shed

Then there is the shed. A place of nightmares.

A place I wish to not delve into but a place I must if you must know what it is that they do.

Its a stone room, yet for some reason I refer to it as the shed. It was a small room on UJ’s smallholding if you can call it that. Just a short ride out of town. It was no place for women. Women were not permitted to enter. I was no woman, just a girl. The shed was detached from the main house and stood out front towards the main gate of the property just a short way away from the house. It had one big arched wooden door that was heavy to push open or closed. It shut with an iron bar from the inside as well as a heavy padlock on the outside. It was small. Inside comprised of enough space to barely fit maybe eight men and an altar. The altar stood at the wall opposite the door. It was an oblong room. There was just enough space on either side of the altar for a man to pass at its foot or head. Behind it on the wall was a six pointed star in a circle. And the altar was cement and plain. No carvings on it. It resembled a concrete block that could be used for anything really. But it was used for an altar. On the back wall, side walls and front wall each had two candle holders. This was the only light source inside. There were no windows. No air-vents.

I would be taken there every month. To be raped by F, UJ and four other men all in black cloaks. And then by the Red Dragon. Now I realise that makes no logical sense right? A Red Dragon? I must of been drugged and someone or some animal made to look like a red dragon must of raped me. I do not know, all I know it to be is the Red Dragon. But he was small. Small enough to sit between my legs like a dog might sit. And his tongue, his face, would reach up to my face when he was over me. raping me. He stank.

He hurt.

So did they.

When I was eight. I snuck into the shed, it was forbidden when not summoned and accompanied by the men. But I snuck in. I do not know how I got the key. I don’t remember getting it. I just remember not knowing what else to do to try stop the Red Dragon, so I went to the only one I knew to be strong enough to stop him, cause they had taught me he was the strongest of all. I went to Lucifer. I stood at the altar. I cut my finger and dropped my blood on it. I swore to belong to Lucifer if he would make the Red Dragon stop.

The Red Dragon came only once more after that. Then UJ died sometime after.

I knew what I had been taught. I did what I had been taught.

I knew of God, but I just didn’t know He was stronger.

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