TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 22: Illumination

I don’t know where to fit this in, so perhaps here will have to do. It was my birthright. My inheritance.

I was given to the Red Dragon.

Married to him when I was six. Again when I was thirteen.

See, I was the price F paid. I was the one who got the inheritance. The red seat.

But that meant I had to be illuminated. Not enough just to be enlightened. Had to be illuminated. Yes I know what you thinking, next I’ll be confessing to being a member of the illuminati. What is that anyway???? It’s made out to be this notorious elite group right? Right. Thats what they would like you to think. But there is a lot more to them than you realise. A lot more in number that is. Bloodliners sure. Ranked only, sure. It’s the secret they all want kept quiet. But they rule the world right, well yeah, they do. But they ain’t as powerful as you give them credit for. Sure they have hands and feet anywhere, anytime and anyplace. But they are not invincible. They are not someone you can’t outrun so to speak. They are just a group of Illuminated people. Let me explain illuminated to you. It goes back to the garden. Yeah the garden. The tree that gave knowledge. The tree that would make you like God. Remember that tree. There is so much that should go in here, so much that probably won’t. How do you describe something so vile in words? Vile. Thats right. Cause you see the key to being illuminated. The secret, which they keep hidden from you step by step, but the secret is they take you through all the sexual depravities that defile God. See there are four worlds. The number four is important. I am not entirely sure why either to be honest. Just that it is. Although Kabbalah has its four worlds. This can get really deep really quickly and I have no intention of that. I intend just for you to understand the lie they give. And what they put certain children through. I know its a rank think, I know I was also chosen to be given because of this gift I am supposed to have. But that was just the reason I was chosen from our line, and not one of the other children from the line. The red seat, thats a generational inheritance. One that does provide a rather substantial amount of protection in the spiritual realm, the dark side. See its all hierarchy. And the Red Dragon, he is pretty much at the top. That has always afforded me, whether I cared for it or not, but afforded me a degree of protection, and a degree of punishment. See no demon in the hierarchy below could attack me without the authority of the Red Dragon. It’s just the way hierarchy works. And the things M and F used me for, it was a protection that I have to be grateful for, if that makes any sense. However it is an authority that has to submit to the Name of Jesus Christ, the Name under which all must submit. I know that now, I just never knew that as a child. Or I never experienced it, and when it comes to experience, it tends to outweigh knowledge at times.

But first let me describe the process of becoming illuminated. A thought that makes me want to spew vile hurl all over the floor. It makes me sick to my stomach and as much as I try, I fail to understand how people actually participate in this practice willingly, how they submit to it in the effort to reach illumination. I will never understand how. I had no choice.

There is a “secret”, of course there are many secrets, that is kept for those higher up. Many higher ranks might go through illumination once. But thats not illumination. Illumination has to happen twice. Once in the feminine and once in the masculine. For to be your own god, to be like God, you would need to be both male and female equally. For God is neither male nor female, even if we refer to Him as a Him, He is both equally at the same time. Everything is dualistic. Everything has the opposing or opposite. The Yin and the Yang. The Male and the Female.

At the age of six, I was illuminated in the masculine sense. Yes, it was an alter that went through the process and that alter happened to be a boy. (If you were thinking D.I.D only had alters the same gender as the main person, think again. Thats a nice thought, but it has no truth to it. There are many reasons cults would ensure parts are of the opposite sex, this is just one of them.) By thirteen I had been illuminated in the feminine. First there was male then there was female, in creation. Ever wonder why there are two snakes that run up your back, twirling around your spine shown in kundalini? Its the male and female. But you probably knew that. Harnessing the sexual energy.

So what does it take to be illuminated. There are four worlds you have to pass through. Rituals yes, but there is preparation too. So it’s not just a once off ritual. Birth dates are important to them. Its a day you are renewed on. A reborn day. For me, illumination rituals took place on my born days.

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