TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 23: The four worlds

Man. The first world. First you pass through the depravity of man. You see, you have to know all the evil and all the pleasure so that you can overcome them. For to be a god you must master all the temptations. They say.

The first world forms the basis really of the foundation of SRA. Want not, ask not, need not. To be a god, you must master all temptations and have no need for anything from anyone, you must be self-sufficient.

But with SRA they take this to the next level. See they teach a child to not want, need or ask but they enforce obedience. When you are your own god, you “doest as thy wilt is the all of the law”.

Simple enough when said. But to overcome this a child must learn.

They must learn not to expect anything. This starts at birth. A new born infant will be left alone for hours on end. In a room with no blanket covering them, no milk bottle or water bottle. It will start maybe for a few hours and lengthen as the infant ages to an entire day and night. The infant will learn not to cry. First cries will be ignored and the infant left to cry for a while. If the crying persists the parent will enter the room slap the infant. Hard enough to cause the infant to fear, but not hard enough to break any bones. (Although some infants are not that lucky). When the child is being fed they will always remove the milk before the child is satisfied. The infant will be left uncovered, perhaps with warm clothing but without the security of the blanket covering them.

The infant will be bathed in water either too cold or just a little too warm for the infant to be comfortable.

Everything is done is silence. Even the slap will be administered in silence. There will be the minimal amount of touch given. Just enough for the very basic need to be close to be met but never quite met. A child must not grow to expect anything. Everything they receive they must be grateful for.

This is how they raise a child.

This is when the child will learn affection. This is how. After bathing lying the child perhaps on the bed, the mother will softly stroke the child’s skin. Running fingers over its chest and stomach down to the privates which she will gently stroke for a moment or two. Then suddenly the affection will be withheld, the child roughly dressed and once again left alone. So begins the sexual “grooming”.

Should the child reach for its mother its hand will be slapped away.

When an infant is held, when necessary, if the infant attempts to give affection it will be pinched.

This makes for a very “good” baby, you know, those babies you see that never cry, never try grab for things, never do anything really, just sit there in their carriage like good little babies. But thats not life for a baby.

I don’t want to have to explain this process in any more detail than is necessary for you to understand. So I won’t cover everything and most things I will cover in brief.

As the child ages the mother will introduce objects like a pencil etc and start by first playing lightly with it around the infants private area, both front and rear. This is done to get the infant used to being touched externally without the infant being alarmed. Next penetration will start with the likes of a pencil or something similar. Very gently and only by a fraction at first. This will evolve to a finger. Next a thicker piece of smoothed wood or the likes thereof. They have their tools for this stuff. What they are doing is preparing the infant for sexual abuse being penetrated by the male. As the infant ages this behaviour is normal for them and the only time they will receive any form of affection and be spoken to. It will be the only time they receive the attention they are starved of. But there are rules and the infant has to obey. Any response that is not viewed as acceptable will be punished.

Soon enough the father is introduced at bath time. Along with the mother he too will stroke the child. The child will become used to and learn to crave this affection as its the only form of affection they will receive. Its also the only time the child will slowly be allowed to touch the adult. This will open the doorway for the adult grooming the child to touch them in private areas. What is done to the child the child will learn is the way of showing affection and will learn to “give it back”.

The child will learn to take penetration in both front and back private parts if a girl, or just back for a boy naturally. It will not be an action that causes the child to stiffen in fear, they will be completely relaxed. They will not know this behaviour is in any form abnormal. But they will learn only to touch when invited to touch. And to obey.

A child will learn there is no choice in this area. You accept the touching and touch when instructed. Regardless of weather or not the child has an interest for whatever reason.

Do you understand how it is that they turn a child into a child that can be repeatedly raped and be able to handle the physical nature of it? They prepare the child’s body for what is to come.

You need to understand, everything they do has purpose. And if they intend a purpose for a child they will make sure that they child will be prepared physically to receive it. It would not help them in their purpose to not prepare a child to receive multiple sexual partners. Those children who are not prepared for the nature of the sexual partners they will receive will not survive childhood, if they survive that experience at all.

A child groomed like this will take penetration from a male at a years age. By the age of three she/he will be accustomed to such abuse at a rougher level.

Things always get rougher. Blood always comes.

When things do start getting rougher and the child starts to bleed, such a fuss of excitement will be made about it. The child will punished if they cry or complain and will learn that to bleed is something that is good. Something that makes them happy. Bleeding brings rewards of affection. Affection a child is starved for.

Children are meant to be seen and not heard.

The child when they start learning to talk will quickly learn to do so only when a response is required. To keep quiet in an adults company unless spoken to, and then, to respond with the appropriate minimal response. A child never asks questions. Although its natural for them to question, they learn quickly the cost of asking questions. Questions has a high price tag.

So does sex with an infant.

From young a child will learn to touch other children sexually, for its a normal behaviour. But like questions they will learn very quickly when they first touch a child in an inappropriate setting that touching children is like touching adults, only when instructed.

A child learns. Quickly.

Those that don’t, normally won’t survive the earliest years.

If a child is a slow learner and survives childhood, there is only one reason, the parent is high ranking in some position in the social circle or of a highlighted position in a social circle that there is no chance of the child not surviving least it cause an unwanted enquiry. Although those children often fall victim to fatal accidents or some tragic event that will satisfy the minds of the curious.

There are those children who are born and never registered, for their purpose is not survival but is to be snuffed out in a sexual act or in sacrifice and no-one misses them. Its the registered ones that have to be covered up if they don’t survive, and not even a well run international organisation like the cult affords itself too many enquiries.

Often, the older child will be let overnight in a cage. Either as punishment or reinforcing the programming.

Cage time is often spent in a dark room with no light at all and snakes left to roam the room. Non-poisonous snakes with no bite of course. You should understand one thing about these people, they are investing alot of time in “growing” the perfect slave. One that keeps secrets from themselves even. One that should never speak out about what they do. One they can use for whatever purpose they plan. They are not going to kill a slave, unless there is no other option. They have plenty of “undesirables” for that. Whilst they instill in their slaves that they have no value, the truth is a slave is pretty valuable to them, worth the time they put into creating them. As much as it might or might not pleasure them in doing so, there is still a great amount of control they need to ensure they do not kill their slaves, control and caution.

You ask how does someone survive such things? For exactly that reason. The are meant to survive it. The cult is not going to push them past survival. And if they do by mistake, there are professionals standing by to step in and try fix their mistake before the slave dies. But, mistakes do happen and when they do, they lose the time they spent. Note to, that you cannot just take any age child and start this process, it has to be from birth or at least before two years if you want success. And they want success. They have an agenda. And they are not going to risk it. They will do anything to meet their agenda.

But. That doesn’t make them fit for humanity in my eyes. There is no humanity in them.

What these people do is called torture for a reason and no person should have to experience not a piece of it. But there are those who have and those who do and those who still will.

And its for those this book is written. I hope it meets it purpose.

So world of man... the child will be raped, sodomized, have to touch another child sexually, will be made to touch adults of both sex sexually, will be raped by adults of both sex.

At three when the ritual takes place on the born day, the child will be raped on the altar by both sexes. This is after the child will be made to touch another child on the altar in a sexual manner. The rapes will be violent, meaning they will make the child bleed more than the child has before. But the child will survive. The child always does.

The second world a child must pass through is the depravity of intermingling sexually with another kind, beast. Animal. For God said each shall keep to its own kind. Therefore they must pervert this. They pervert everything to push the soul into such guilt and put great distance between Yahweh and the person in question. They pervert.

Some things I battle to write. Some things I just cannot write. There is much left unsaid in this book.

I have nightmares about this, almost weekly. Being bound hands and feet leaning over a pole. And it comes from behind.

That is all I will say on this topic.

The third world is the world of the dead. Two things occur. One is that you are made to swiftly kill a person while having sex with them, or oral sex with them. When its a child that has to do the killing an adult who is observing the act will put their hand over the childs hand which will be on the ritual dagger and plunge it into the persons neck. The second thing that occurs is the child is made to have sex with someone who is already dead. Generally just killed.

The fourth world is the world of spirits. Two children and an adult are placed in the middle of the circle on the six pointed star. They children are forced to engage in sex with each other and the adult. A demon is summonsed while the ritual is taking place which will inhabit the adults body who will then violently rape the child in question.

Once the child has been taken through the four worlds twice, once in the masculine and once in the feminine they will be considered having acquired the knowledge by bonding sexually with all four realms, the realm of man, the realm of animal, the realm of the dead and the realm of the spiritual. This is the knowledge of overcoming anything in the four worlds that could be a temptation. Their thought is you must experience the full extent of depravity in lust so that you will know what you need to overcome. The whole “you cannot speak of something if you yourself have not experienced it” kind of thing. It makes sense to them. Not to me.

There is also the four elements that you taught to master that which most befits their purpose for you.

Earth - North - Green - Symbol Triangle pointed down with line / circle with cross

Air - East - Yellow - Symbol Triangle pointed up with line / circle with dot

Fire - South - Red - Symbol Triangle pointed up / Circle

Water - West - Blue - Symbol Triangle pointed down / Circle with line.

The triangle pointed up represents the masculine signs, the triangle pointed down represents feminine signs.

I was initiated first in masculine, I was taught Fire and Air first.

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