TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 24: The warped logic of SRA

To the reader, I am Casey Winterburn. A pseudo-name I shall use for the purposes of this book, not just to protect my safety but to protect my privacy.

You might find this book to be somewhat strange, and I think you would be right. I am neither an author, professor or therapist. I do not write from any position of authority, neither do I claim to know all there is to know. I merely write from my own perspective, what I know to be based on the knowledge I learnt having been subjected to what is known as “Satanic ritual abuse” or “sra” for short.

This part of the book is not about healing, nor torture. This part of the book is about exposure. About exposing you, the reader, to the purposes behind sra. Exposing you to the knowledge that sra is not a ritualistic practice done by devil-worshippers as an extension of their “religion”. It is not a practice that involves only a selected group of people. Satanic Ritual Abuse involves every person, including you, worldwide. Why you? Well, simply because you are the reason sra exists. You as a member of humanity. You. You need to know that. You need to know that even though you might not partake of the practice or have dealings with it, you are the reason it exists. And as you are the reason it exists, it stands then to reason that you then shoulder a degree of responsibility in its outcome.

“You are the reason sra exists.”

Let me explain...

What “they” don’t want you to know, is that you and all of humanity are the reason “they” do what “they” do. SRA is not done just to satisfy some sick fetish. And the perpetrators are not a group of socially rejected misfits that abuse children in order to feel power over their victims, neither are they mentally deranged. It’s normally those people that you would never suspect could be involved that you would find in positions of authority within the various cults.

Nothing done in sra is done without purpose. Nothing. Everything they do has a reason. And the reason they destroy a child with torture and extreme abuse is so that they can build an army. An army of soldiers that will follow instruction without question. An army of soldiers raised on intense fear whose minds have been divided into parts, alter-egos created each with a specific value and kept separate from awareness ensuring the keeping of secrets and separation of emotions. An army of individuals placed in all walks of life, capable of triggering any situation that is needed in society to obtain a desired reaction from the public. An army of soldiers to use to manipulate the affairs and events of the world into a population of mass controlled individuals, blissfully believing they are free. An army that will also fight at end days. Engineering situations that leave ones moral conduct manipulated, ensuring humanity focuses on their physicality and loose touch with their spiritual nature and the essence of Creator God.

Understand, the aim is to manipulate you away from God and into a life of deception and lusts. And they do it so subtly, so tempting, masters in the art of manipulating. They turn nations away from their Maker.

The reason sra exists, is to create an army whose purpose is to enable the manipulation of humanity away from God and into deception. The reason sra exists, is that age old numbers game...the battle for your soul.

Now if you have read the Bible, you will know that God wins the battle. And if God wins the battle then why continue trying to win souls when Lucifer already knows the results? And if God already knows He wins then that puts our “freedom of choice” in question because how much freedom is there really if your choices are already known before you make them? And also, if God already knows who chooses God and who chooses to go to hell, then why continue our existence when this world is full of hurt? Why not just end it now?

Only physicality is governed by time. God and Lucifer are both outside of time being spiritual entities. Therefore they can see the future at any given moment in physicality. They see all the options available. So basically no matter what variety of options humanity makes on all the various options of choice they will have in their lifetime, God wins on all variations. Many people don’t seem to know this, but Luciferians or at least those at higher levels know they will not win the coming war. Lucifer-worshippers believe that there is another battle for souls in the future existence, after this world has ended. This is why they continue to fight for as many souls as they can deceive. And perhaps they are right. Considering if you look at Revelations where God builds the new city for us, He builds around it a wall. Walls are used to keep something in or keep something out. If there was not threat of evil entering the New city then why build a wall? The Bible says we spend eternity with God. It also says that we earn our positions in heaven based on our works on earth. That God could put you in charge of regiments in His army. Why would there be an army if there is no threat? So therefore perhaps there will be a second battle, perhaps after this world is over, and God creates a new heaven and a new earth, we will live in heaven with God and a new mankind will be put on earth. Perhaps. Perhaps the cycle will repeat itself once again, just with new “players”. This would at the very least explain Lucifer wanting to maximize his number, as those he deceives will become part of his demonic army in the next battle. Perhaps. I would like to believe that once this earth is over, its over. No more mankind ever. No more freedom of choice or children being hurt.

So, if you knew that children are being hurt in order to be used to manipulate and deceive you so that you end up in hell for eternity, if you knew that, do you think it would affect your perception of sra? I am certain it would have a great impact on many peoples opinions. I think that humanity would rebel against the control. And perhaps they would be aware of the importance of their spiritual relationship with God. And perhaps they would not be so quick to dismiss the children being hurt in cults and make more effort to find and rescue them? And what if they stood in the Authority they have of the Name of Jesus Christ in spiritual warfare against strongholds and principalities over the earth? They would out number the cults in number and in power. They could... change the world. If only they knew.

Does it make sense to you now why it is important to the cults to keep the secret? Why it is important to treat testimonies as false? Why it is so important to ensure humanity does not grasp the power they hold in the Name of Jesus Christ? Cause if they did, it would be the end of evil influencing this world. It would be the end of hurt. If only.

And that is the purpose of this section of this book... to create an awareness of sra and its purpose and the power to stop it.

And in that... I find hope.

Lets be just a little clearer on what SRA is and also look at some of the basic commonalities in cults. Whilst there will be “exceptions to the rule”, the basic structure of the majority of cults will be similar.

Firstly, Satanic ritual abuse is not a cult of its own. It is a term used to describe any form of abuse that is inflicted in a ritualistic manner that is involved with the worship of Lucifer. It is practiced world-wide by cults and although certain details might differ between the various cults, the basic foundation is constant. Please note, I use the term cult to refer to any and all religions except Christianity. By relating all religions and beliefs except Christianity into the one term, cult, is in no way meant offensively in any manner. The reason I do this, which I guess perhaps not many people are aware of, but the truth is that every religion excluding Christianity, if you climb their hierarchy of authority, you will discover that at the highest levels of the religion the leaders are in fact worshiping Lucifer. To explain it simply, there are only two different entities worshiped world-wide. The Living God, ie Christianity, and Lucifer ie cults. All religions excluding Christianity worship the same entity, ie Lucifer. This includes the secret societies like the Freemasons for example. I encourage you to research this fact and discover for yourself. Even though there are many different religions all worshiping gods with different names, some that agree with each other and others that clash, the fact at the end of the day is that they all worship Lucifer and they are all working together towards a common goal, the winning of souls for Lucifer. Whilst the members at the lower levels are seldom aware of this knowledge, the leadership will be initiated into Luciferism.

At the higher levels of leadership, in any cult, you can also be assured to find blood rituals, sexual perversions and abuse of children.. There is power in blood, for the spirit is contained in the blood. It is the blood that attaches the spirit to a physical body. When the life is out of the blood, the spirit detaches and leaves the body. Consuming an others blood has spiritual connotations to it and by consuming an others blood you are also consuming of that persons spirit as well as any demonic attachments. The body is the temple for the spirit and should be kept undefiled. In Luciferism, everything is perverted. it is a mockery of Christianity. At rituals and ceremonies, sex orgies or a sexual act will often be included and the acts will be perverse in nature, sodomy being common practice. Pedophilia amongst leadership of cults is pretty much guaranteed to be a constant.

A cults two main sources of income are almost always to be found connected to human trafficking and drug trafficking.

In a cults hierarchy structure a member has full authority over all those under them in the hierarchy. This means if a member of higher rank wants to have sex with your children, they are entitled. If they want to have sex with you or your partner or your animal they are entitled to do so. You can hurt anyone under you in hierarchy. You have no authority over any member ranking above you. So the higher you are in rank, the less people there are that can abuse you.

Bloodlines are kept pure and generally are qualifying of rank, depending on the purity of the bloodline. The purer the bloodline the higher the rank obtained. Incest is common amongst bloodlines in an effort to maintain the purity. Marrying outside the bloodline would taint the level of purity. “Bloodliners” like to “keep it in the family”.

Most of the children subjected to sra would be generational, meaning that the parents, grand parents and further would be members and the child would be born into the cult. Non generational members that join will seldom reach high ranks.

Human and animal sacrifices are a reality in cults. Cults will have selected women chosen for their fertility and strength to be what is termed ‘breeders’. The function of a breeder is to give birth to infants that will be used for sacrifices. The public will not be aware of the pregnancy and the birth will not be documented. In this manner cults are able to perform infant sacrifices without the risk involved of been caught for kidnapping and murder of a documented child.

Cult members will by default all be D.I.D, having part, other identities or personalities. A child who is unable to dissociate will be considered expendable. These children will generally be the children killed during trauma based conditioning when the cult child will be forced to kill.

All cult children are subjected to intense trauma on an emotional, physical and spiritual level from birth in order to create the army of controlled slaves that will follow through on any instruction without hesitation. They will be completely stripped of any self worth and confidence, have no balanced emotional foundation, conditioned to live in a state of alert and fear, never feeling safe as they are taught that nothing is constant and that any situation can change in the blink of eye to a life threatening situation. They are always on guard, never trusting and never without fear. They will have no sense of security and no person they turn to help for. Physically they will be neglected, violated, beaten, isolated, deprived of basic needs, forced to abuse younger children and forced to kill to ensure their loyalty by guilt. Biblical scriptures will be used when punishing them so that they will associate God with punishment and know they are not good enough. They will be abused by individuals dressed as Jesus and made to believe Jesus is abusing them to ensure they don’t going looking for healing at the Church. “They” create in them an array of “God issues”. The child will be completely broken and conditioned to do what is needed to do in order to survive.

Dissociated identities will be conditioned for certain functions chosen for the specific child to be trained in. Some will be created to be assassins, trained to kill. Some will be sexual alters, trained to be well skilled to pleasure clients sexually. Some will be taught spiritual skills like physic ability, telepathy etc.

The entire process of creating a trauma based mind control slave takes years and much effort is put into each child to create their army.

It is really important that the reader understands the effort the cult takes into creating its army. If you can grasp the importance the cult places on creating the army then you will realise the seriousness of it. This is not some pass time, they have been doing this for many many years. This is not something that is just in random locations. This is world-wide. And they are doing it for the sole purpose of winning souls for Lucifer. And that includes your soul that they are wanting.

Let me explain what the army they are creating with SRA is. It is not an army of trained warriors only that are to fight in end days against the Army of God. Its an army that exists in every generation from its creation to the end of days. Its a strategic army comprising of people that are controlled and used, people in every social class, from those living on the street to those in positions of influence. Each person trained to perform the function they will be used in for the purpose of influencing the public, for the purpose of influencing you. They will see to it that presidents are chosen who they have control over. They will see to it that the homeless man on the corner of 4th street is controlled by them. And when they see a need, the public will be watching the report on tv news of the homeless man who walked into a restaurant, picked up a knife and randomly stabbed a customer to death. They will use situations to create fear and then provide the solution to restore safety. They influence the public by playing on emotions. They will have people in the music industry, idols, that they control. They will influence the lyrics, they will influence the behaviour, the message the pop star conveys to her/his fans. They will influence your children to try drugs or to be sexually active with multiple partners. They will influence the public into lowering their moral standards, they will influence the public into overspending and debt rendering them in a position where they cannot oppose any government changes without risking losing their homes with interest rate hikes. They will use their influence to bring a country to ruin if they so plan. But that is influencing the public on a broader scale.

If there is a politician or a pastor or a public figure that is not working towards their goal that they want to force to step down or that they want to change how the public follow the person, they will send in one of their army to land the person in a compromising media scandal. Using what they know to be the persons weakness their skilled sex workers for example will ensure the person is seduced into into committing an act that would be exposed and destroy the person. And if the person is not seducible they will simply create a situation where it appears that something is happening like a photo being taken of a dancer who randomly walks over and seats herself on the persons lap unsuspected. They will create the right incident to happen at the right time that will serve to achieve the result they need to achieve. They will use blackmail to influence people that do not want to do as they request them to do. The content of the blackmail could be a truth, it could be lies, its irrelevant, as long as it is able to achieve the result they require.

They will position those they control in positions of pastorship over churches and use them to influence the church to be led astray with false teachings or whatever they feel they need to do to influence the church members away from God and into deception.

They will be the ones behind some new spiritual movement taking over or the Pope stating all religions worship the same God, they just use different names.

They are responsible for influencing and manipulating the world into a moral condition that will aid them when the time comes to open portals. They are the ones that are silently creating an environment that feeds the strongholds and demonic influences into princes and principalities over the all nations worldwide. They understand the power of spiritual oppression and the influence of demonic activity over the people in its sphere and the power it has when given to tempt them into the sin of the stronghold.

While Christians are deciding which Church to attend that will suit their lifestyle, the demonic strongholds are being orchestrated into position and strengthened without any resistance from spiritual warfare. Even the Churches that are so divided into their denominations and affiliations are being deceived, while they play politics and buckle under the influence of their audience to please their membership over preaching the convictions of the Word.

In the Bible in Daniel we are told of the angel who is held up for 21 days by the prince of persia who was the stronghold over the land when the angel was delivering Daniels answer to prayer. In the same manner they are creating a resistance in the spiritual realm to hinder Christians spiritually and create a demonic covering to seal over the nations strengthening the demonic activity. They are preparing the spiritual realm over the entire earth and no-one seems to be noticing them at play. They are preparing for their purpose to be achieved.

When the day comes that they open the gates, and Christians suddenly stand against them in prayer, they will have prepared the spiritual realm to have such a strong defense against their prayers that they will have created a vacuum of time where they will be able to perform their rituals without the hinderance of the Christians prayers. The time period they would have created for themselves will depend on the amount of Christians praying. The more praying Christians, the quicker the demonic barriers will be destroyed.

Understand that the threat is real. Just because you don’t see them where they are hiding waiting to be called out does not mean they are not there.

Its time that society as a whole chose which side of battlefield they are on and time we started fighting back. The cults driving power is the demonic powers. And there is no other Authority higher than the Authority in the Name of Jesus Christ. Every demon must obey His Authority. And Christians have access to that authority. They just need to use it.

To understand our role and our ability we should look at what we, mankind, have been granted.

Before we do though, let me ask you a question. Have you ever experienced being raped anally with a blade? If you are still on earth when they open those gates, I can guarantee you a 98 per cent chance you will experience it then. Hectic I know. But truth.

The principle of dominion on earth is such a powerful reality in the spiritual realm yet the average person does not seem to be aware of it. When God placed mankind on earth, He did not only give them freedom of choice to choose who they desired to worship but He also made them the vessel through which the Power of both God and Lucifer could be directed at the will of mankind. He gave mankind dominion over the physical realm with full authority to decide for himself which spiritual manifestations he wanted to permit. He removed the right of authority of both Himself and Lucifer, and all the angels and demons as rulers of the physical giving man one hundred percent freedom, authority and ability to do with his dominion as he saw fit. This principle which is still valid today, meant that man was the vessel that allowed or inhibited Gods power over the earth and that could allow or inhibit the demons to influence the physical. Basically stating, the responsibility of the spiritual condition of mankind is for mankind himself to shoulder. So looking at the current state of the world, it is important to realise that it is not Gods failure to answer prayer that is the cause of the corrupt and immoral environment we live it but rather mankind’s failure to allow Gods Spirit to operate in the physical. And it is also due to mankind authorising evil to enter.

Another really important fact that mankind needs to constantly be aware of, is the fact that demons are deceitful and persuasive and intelligent. And they seek physicality, they seek to rule over mankind.

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