TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 26: Hierarchy

Hierarchy denotes life. It’s true to every form. The food chain. The work place. The family. The government. So it goes. As above so below. But you shouldn’t let it. At least, you shouldn’t let to the extent that they force you to submit to it. Where I come from it works to the extreme, rank rules. And rank is bloodline.

Hierarchy. Those above rule those below. In a world of chaos there is one rule, hierarchy denotes. If you do not want to have to submit to someones authority, then you have to be the authority. There is no saying no in chaos. There is no choice for those below. Those above, they make the rules. To those below it seems that those in rank, those high up in the hierarchy are the ones with choice. The ones who make the decisions. But thats a lie. Thats what they want you to believe, that there is no power higher than them. Except there is. And it is darker and deeper than you can ever conceive to imagine. Whatever your imagination might allow you to imagine is the limit of the darkness, know just one thing, you are wrong. Its everything you can imagine and so much more. So much more darker, so much more deeper and so much worse than you can fathom. I can not even imagine the full spectrum of its evil, but I know enough to know that what I know is not the all of it. A person who thinks they know its depths is ignorant. For “they” would never let you know their all. For knowledge is power and “they” would never allow you to know all for that would make you too powerful. And its truth that sets one free, and they have no intention of freedom for you.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the realm of darkness that exists around you that the majority of society is blissfully ignorant of. Blissful as their ignorance protects them from having to act. Blissful for them, devastating for those who need saving. Devastating for there is no-one to save them. No-one who knows, and no-one who would even want to believe what is happening. Secrecy. A cloak of invisibility lies over the darkness they do, a cloak formed by the very notion that normality will not believe the truth that swirls in the darkness around them, normality prefers ignorance in general. And ignorant is exactly what they want normality to be. And so it is.

There are many many names for what I have to tell you about, but really, they are of no relevance. Their various names that is. For their root is all the same. Evil. And evil might have many faces, but it has one pulse. It flows from the same source. There is light and there is dark. There really is no grey, no matter how much society would like to believe there is. There is only the illusion of grey.

Now that I know will spark an argument begging different. I apologise if I cause discomfort. I only know what I know. And perhaps it is time to tell you. The fact is, if I don’t overcome my own fears and “disorders” (as society likes to cateogorise the results of trauma) then I myself will fail to help those need saving. And I have learnt through my own experience, saving is possible. For I was saved.

Let me explain to you if I can, if I can fight the need to run into the corners of my mind and find solace in dissociation. Let me explain for it is important. While it might not affect your life, it affects the lives of millions that you have no idea of but perhaps one day you will be in a position where you can act, however small an action, but where you can act in a manner than sparks the hope needed in finding freedom in a world where freedom seems unobtainable.

The picture is so big, to see the whole of it is not easy. There are many fragments of the picture already displayed over the world and many people trying desperately to solve them and help those caught in that fragment, but without seeing the entire image the system will not be brought down. That does not mean though that those fighting for those stuck in the fragments should stop. Not at all. Every life they can help is priceless. Even if only one life was helped, all the effort of the world would still be worth it for life is precious. I would be lying if I told you I believed the system could be beaten, I don’t. Its too well “oiled”. Too organised. But if just one person can be helped by this book, then putting this book out there is worth it. Just the hope of helping even one, is worth the internal fight over my fear.

Let’s try.

If I don’t do this, then I am no better than everyone who “was not there” to help me when I needed help. It’s the one thing I can do, give hope to those that I know think its hopeless. I just want you to know, there is hope, there are people albeit few of them out there who will “be there”.

Still trying to get started here...

The best place to start this is hierarchy. I think.

Simple enough to explain hierarchy. You just need a triangle right? The top is a point, the highest point where the “leader” of any given hierarchy would be. The base is the widest where the majority of the people in that hierarchy would be. Getting narrower the higher you climb. Right? I always assume hierarchy is a given, something everyone knows and understands. But perhaps not.

Basically the lower you are in the hierarchy:

The more people you find in the level.

The less the level knows.

The more levels you submit to.


The higher you are in the hierarchy

The less people there are at your level.

The more people there are under you that have to submit to your authority.

The more you know. (Higher levels also know more or have something that lower levels don’t)

Here’s the thing to understand though. In every hierarchy exists many hierarchies. It’s the way it works. You can have 10 people at one level and each one can have a hierarchy of order beneath them that submit to them as their leader.

Problem is, although you submit to a leader in your hierarchy, by default you have to submit to higher authority to. That is of course assuming you know of them.

The difference from what I have learnt in the past six years between hierarchy in the normal world, as in the job environment or even relationships, is that in the normal world you still have choice. You still get to say no. You choose to be in the hierarchy and submit to it, or not to.

Thats different to what I know of hierarchy. I prefer it.

Where I come from its not so. Where I come from, there is no such thing as choice. Don’t want, don’t need and don’t question. That’s survival. Just do.

How it works, hierarchy that is, is those under you have to obey your every command, no questions asked. In the same manner you have to obey those above you. Hence in any hierarchy the desire to climb higher is always present. The higher you climb the fewer people there are in authority over you. Those beneath you cannot touch you. They are owned by you. They submit to you. As you submit to those above. Its the rule. There is no questioning it. Its how you are raised. You don’t know things in the normal world are different. Those in the same level of the hierarchy, they are the only ones who have to have permission from you to do something to you or yours. They don’t have authority over you, they are permitted to request. But it is seldom done on that level. It would more be done in a case of the one above them ordering you to do something for the one on the same level as you. Is any of this making sense?

This is the core of it really, is the fact that you don’t even consider the option of questioning ones authority over you, you don’t consider saying no. Its the way it is. The way you were raised, and you were raised to know that no questioning is permitted. Disobedience is punishable. And punishment has many forms.

It’s not really easy to climb rank unless you have bloodline. The highest ranks are always those with bloodline.

I guess should point out, these people of which I speak, you might be asking where are they? You might expect them to be this hidden society right? Wrong. They are amongst you. Whilst some might display the shady characteristics you would expect from someone like those I will describe, I assure you, those who do display the characteristics are low in the ranks. Those high in hierarchy you would never guess to be the people they are. Never. And many many of the victims are living right amongst you too, and you would never know it. In silence.

You need to understand, we are talking about a very well oiled machine. A machine cloaked in such secrecy that the left does not know what the right is doing. Such is the way it should be for such is the way they can ensure continuation. It sounds unbelievable, perhaps. But it’s just bigger than you can imagine. The fact is, the top of the hierarchy is not of this realm. There is no other way to put it. And there is no side-stepping the fact that it all boils down to the time old “story” of the garden of eden. I know that is a real touchy subject and I am not here to convince or challenge anyones “religion”. I am just here to tell what I know. What you decide to believe in is completely your own choice, one I hope you make wisely.

I don’t propose to know everything there is to know about the Bible or Christianity or religion etc. I only know what I know. And this is what I know...

I know darkness. And I know I don’t want any part of it. I know Light because darkness hides from it. And although I might not have experienced Light to the degree that darkness was inflicted on me, I know I do not want to be anywhere to do with darkness and therefore I choose to risk my chances on Light. Besides, one thing you learn in darkness is that Light is the enemy. Now, logic says, only something capable of being a threat can be an enemy. If that makes sense. But you wouldn’t need to work so hard to turn the children against Light if Light was weaker than darkness. And they do, they work very hard to convince you as a child. I need to explain. A lot. I know. I just don’t know where to even begin. Or how much I can share.

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