TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 27: Time of Choice

It’s time to determine if what we have been taught in childhood has any truth to it.

Firstly I have to state that I choose to accept the Bible as truth. I choose this as the Bible is the Word of God, and therefore if it is a lie, then God is a lie. Right? Right. And considering my options, I am willing to take that risk in trusting His Word to be Truth, regardless of the fact that I have learnt that to trust is not wise. Some risks however, this one in particular, the risk to choose to believe that the Truth about God is the Truth, to trust that I can believe His Word and to trust that as per His Word I am adopted as His child and shall spend eternity in heaven when this is all over. It is a risk I chose to take. And yes, I choose to believe. And yes, I choose to believe because I know where I have come from, I know what childhood taught me, and I will risk everything to ensure I do not return to that place. And in all honesty, I am not disillusioned, I know that Lucifer lies, that when you are down there beneath the surface of the earth, in his dimension, I know that it is a place filled with overwhelming pain and despair and the only thing that is constant, that you can discover to be truth in that place, is that it will not end. The pain. The torment. The despair. All of it. It will remain. It is a fool who thinks there is any human, no matter what they gave to him in their life, no matter what he promised in return, there is no human who is given a position of power. None. In fact those who gave the most, will feel the most. For eternity. He never tires, never has a moment of compassion. That is a given. That is something I know to be truth. And so, risking myself in believing in God, if per chance it turns out that He is not Truth, for arguments sake, well, I will just be in the same position I would have been in should I have chosen not to take the risk. Make sense?

So I choose to believe in God, in His Son Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit and in the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ. However, I should say that I do not doubt God exists, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, that is not the risk part, for to know the dark is to be aware of Light, but the risk part is in risking that God is not a punisher like Lucifer. And that risk I choose to believe.

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