TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 30: The brain

The brain is divided into two independent sections, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. These hemispheres are independent of each but information is passed between them for processing. The right brain is more visual. Information is first received by the right hemisphere in pictures and the memory is its “raw” data is stored in the subconscious memory by the hippocampus where memories are grouped by similar imagery. The info is transferred to the left hemisphere where the memory is assessed by the amygadala which is the emotional processing center of the brain. It assesses the memory based on the emotions it caused from the stimuli received in all five senses. It assigns the memory to a specific emotion felt and also assesses it on our morals and behaviour stored in the limbic system. The memory is then stored in the conscious memory where we can recall it at will. However if the stimuli received is translated by the amygdala to be highly traumatising, the amygdala fails to process the memory and the memory is not moved to the conscious memory, which results in amnesia. The memory is left in the sub-conscious memory stored in a file of similar imagery. The memory will be passed back to the amygdala continuously throughout life each time something happens that has a similar imagery for processing and only when the memory is not assessed as being too traumatic to process is it then processed and stored in conscious memory where we will then recall the event. The conscious and subconscious memory systems are stored in different “languages” or brainwaves. Sub-conscious memory is stored in REM brainwave patterns which is accessed during the REM state of sleep. This is why we can dream of things we have no conscious memory of and is a way that the brain tries to process the memory. Science has discovered that REM brainwave activity is accessed when both the right and left hemispheres of the brain are activated simultaneously. Therapists use this technique to help patients recall missing memories by doing exercises like tapping both knees simultaneously (as the left brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left side of the body) which activates both sides of the brain. They can then access the subconscious memory. The brain in this manner of activating both hemispheres while awake allows the memory to be accessed and viewed from a controlled environment where the therapist can assist the patient to process the memory with the awareness that the memory is not current and threatening to the present but is a traumatic experience from the past.

With repetitive trauma of a similar nature occurs the amygdala can be conditioned to respond to any further instances of similar occurance in a manner which will best suit the childs survival. When a child cannot deal with a repetitive trauma happening to them, as a means to escape they can start to tell themselves that the occurance did not happen to them but to someone else. This eases the direct trauma felt. By associating the event with another person which the child will identify in their minds creates the existance of another identity in the childs mind which the child can separate from and in so doing survive the trauma. This identity would be created in a manner that makes the trauma more acceptable. For example if a boy is being sodimised he might create a girl identity in his head so that he can remove the trauma caused by sodomy and replace it with a more “acceptable” trauma of being a girl made to have sex with a male. This would create either a “co-conscious” identity which the child is aware of yet separate to emotionally, or create a completely unconscious identity that child is not aware of.

With SRA however, this understanding of the brain functioning is used to the benefit of the cult. “Programmers”, who are members of the cult that are trained in understanding this function of the brain, are used to “program” the child. Programming is at its basic simply the conditioning of the mind. The creation of other identities is a goal of the cult. It is used to create a child that will be able to be used in different ways without threatening the childs ability to cope in a conscious state and so will be able to be “undetectable” as a victim of severe abuse to the outside world. The process of creating other identities is a called a inner system and is created to be self-regulatory so that the child can be kept under control even when not in a traumatising environment. It is designed to keep the mind believing they are always at threat as when the mind no longer considers the environment threatening it will attempt to process the unconscious memory and if processed by the amygdala the amnesic barrier will be broken and the child will be a risk to the cult, like for example if they are sent to boarding school and the trauma is miminilized for a period of time. A system of other identities is created that keeps itself in a state of threat.

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