TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 32: Programming

However, getting back to understanding how the cult would be able to use dissociation as a tool. The brain which was created with the right and left hemispheres that exist independently but together process information which forms our state of consciousness. Information is first received by the visual right brain which stores the information in our sub conscious memory in the hippocampus in its raw visual form using images. The memories are stored in files of similar occurrences based on the imagery received. The memory is then passed to the Amygdala which is the emotional centre of the brain where the information from all five senses is assessed and the applicable emotional value assigned to the memory which is then stored in the conscious memory. But when the information received by the Amygdala is assessed as being too traumatic based on the bodies reaction to the sensory input, the Amygdala is unable to process it the memory and it remains in the subconscious only where it will stay until such a time as the memory is passed back to the Amygdala and is not still found to be too traumatising and is then processed and stored in the conscious memory. For the cult, the use of amnesia to keep their secrets is key. They understand the value of intense trauma and its affect on the memories being kept only in the sub-conscious for as long as the memory is found to be traumatising beyond the ability to cope with its trauma. This is why they use trauma, to force the child to create the amnesia barrier. They understand that by using repetitive trauma that the brain will store these instances in a file grouped by similar imagery. And that inflicting repetitive responses to a behaviour builds an automatic association in the brain that when a certain behaviour is displayed the brain will automatically react expecting the learned response from repetitive instances. In this way they condition the brain. Otherwise known as programing. By using symbols and colours and names or codes as a common value in certain traumas, they can link subconscious memories to each other. They will map the brain by using these trigger values to the various files each grouped by similar instances.

The child will be raised learning early that it has no value, no worth and is completely alone. They will use the natural need a child has for attachment, affection, love, acceptance etc which would have been deprived as a tool to get the child to learn to act in different manners associated with different names by rewarding correct behaviour by responding to the child with acceptance etc and will punish the child for not behaving in the expected manner by depriving the child of the emotion needed and punishing them violently with a completely opposing emotion than desired by the child. This way the child learns what behaviour should be displayed when a certain name is used to refer to the child. This is how they will create the first of the childs identities. Once the child has been conditioned to behave in the expected manner by assuming the expected identity, none of which are the childs original identity, the child learns that their value lies in assuming identities and behaving according to what is acceptable. They learn to be the person the situation accepts and not to be themselves. As each identity is taught to behave in a certain manner each identity will then be faced with a deed that will cause conflict in the child, something that they will not be able to cope with as themselves and so they learn to associate that deed with the identity created and separate the identity from the original self as a different person to their original self. This way the deed is perceived to be be something that a certain identity does and is accepted as the behaviour of that identity. This will cause the identities to become separate from the child. Once the foundation is solid, each identity will then be traumatised beyond their coping ability and forced to create amnesia barriers by memories being stored only in the subconscious state and not in the conscious state. This way they have a fronting alter that behaves in the applicable identities personality that is unaware of the traumas experiences and stored in the sub-conscious. “They” will then with the use of trauma and triggers create various files in the sub-conscious for a variety of traumatic occurrences that will be specific to the plans they have for that child. They can create new identities within the subconscious by assigning trigger names to certain traumatic occurrences and with repetitive trauma build conditioning attached to those occurrences. And so they will build the entire inner system needed to support the life they have planned for the identity. However. The conscious state of an identity has no access to all the various subconscious files created through trauma. And the cults aim with using dissociation is to create amnesic identities that on cue will carry out their instruction. In order for certain sub-conscious memories to be grouped together to form a specific identity within the identity or to form a collection of learned behaviours or to share information contained in the different memories, the memories are linked together with the trigger value and stored in the same file or can share a trigger value with another file and thereby access it. But. None of this will assist the cult if the cult cannot access and use these identities formed in the sub-conscious. The key is the language that the sub-conscious speaks. The sub-conscious is stored in REM brainwaves. The brainwaves that are associated with a particular period of sleep in which the brain allows sub-conscious memories to be dreamt. This is how we can dream of things we do not know from our conscious memory, by accessing the sub-conscious during REM sleep. To activate the REM brainwave activity the brain uses both the right and left hemispheres simultaneously. Science has learnt from the study of REM sleep that by using both sides of the brain with exercises that use both sides of the body simultaneously, (as the right brain controls the left side of the body and the left brain controls the right side of the body) they can access the sub-conscious part of the brain while the person is awake. Therapists use this technique to assist patients in remembering traumatic events in a controlled environment where the therapist can guide the patient and influence the bodies response to the event by creating an awareness of the patient being in a safe place that is no longer threatened by the trauma and, in this manner, the patient can deal with traumatic events and bring them to consciousness. In the same manner the cult will condition identities to on cue activate both sides of their brain and access the sub-conscious state of the identity. They condition the identity to on cue while in a conscious altered state operate from the sub-conscious state. The identity will then perform the conditioned action required while being present in body accessing the sub-conscious mind. The identity will then operate in a trance like state while cued. This is why they say the cult cannot use a person that is not of a high iq. The child has to be able to learn to access their sub-conscious whilst in a conscious state and operate from the sub-conscious level. They learn to do this to survive. The mind coupled with survival instinct is a powerful combination capable of learning the necessary skill in order to survive. This skill is learnt by using intense trauma once again, as when cued this skill has to maintain the conditioned response of not allowing the conscious mind to process the memories being accessed for the duration the child is operating from the subconscious. This skill is what makes the cult successful in their use of dissociation. And it is this skill that separates the cults mind control techniques from any other form of control. The key to control is the application of intense fear that keeps the child in a constant survival instinct. If the child cannot learn this skill they will not be able to used and will become of no value except a sacrificial one.

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