TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 33: Foundations

The inner system is pretty difficult to explain in a basic manner. But it has been fine tuned to perfection and the cult worldwide would all work off a master file when creating the inner systems. Identities will be created and conditioned to cover all possible risk factors that might be experienced in the child’s future when the child is no longer constantly in the cults reach. Each child they create is created for a purpose, created and sent out into the world where they have to be kept controlled and usable while outside a traumatic environment. The brains natural reaction to a change of environment will cause sub-conscious memories to be processed. In other words, the moment the child is removed from the traumatic environment for a long period of time, the amnesia will start to crumble. For this reason, the inner system is built to maintain the level of fear needed to maintain amnesia. If memories surface and the system fails then either a programmer must be called in and the individual reprogrammed by trauma or if the individual is not deemed needed anymore, the cult will assassinate the person in order to keep the silence. But different identities would have been created with different levels of trauma and would therefore be at different “depths” of sub-consciousness. There are so many instances created to condition the mind of the survivor that cover all aspects that could occur and threaten the cult. There will be identities created to commit suicide if triggered. There will be identities created with completely opposing memories of certain perpetrators or time periods in life. There will be identities that hold the sexual abuse by the father for example and others that hold memories where the father will be seen as wonderful. If the survivor started to lose the amnesia barriers, these two identities would conflict against each other. There will be identities that have been programmed while drugs were used to make them hallucinate and the memories will seen as unbelievable stories involving crazy impossibilities, like aliens performing surgery on them for example.

In the cult setting, the amount of work that goes into creating identities and programming them is intense and taken very seriously. The cult needs to maintain its secrecy. And it does so by ensuring the survivor keeps themselves controlled by multi programming identities to watch over other identities. Its like a well oiled wheel that keeps turning. Every angle is covered. For a survivor to find freedom from this system takes years and dedication and a patient trusting therapist.

A child’s personality is defined in the foundation years of their life. The cult takes full advantage of this. Trauma starts from birth, at times pre-birth. The child is traumatised physically, emotionally and spiritually. Parents are generally always involved in the conditioning of the child as the majority of time is spent in the home setting. They are taught that there is no-one to save them. They are taught to never trust what they feel. They have no constants in their life. They live life where every situation is threatening and no response or action can be pre-determined. Everything is always uncertain and insecure. At home, today they might be rewarded for something they do by the parents and tomorrow punished for the same action. Today they will be expected to act in a certain manner and tomorrow that manner is not acceptable. One minute their mother will be interested in what they are doing and the next minute they will be completely ignored or punished for being in the way. Today they might be given a cooked breakfast, tomorrow they might be starved for days to follow. One moment they might be at home with a parent and next find themselves alone for hours. They will always be blamed for anything that happens. Whether or not they were in any way involved. If the parent comes back from work in a foul mood it will somehow be blamed on the child who will be punished. Nothing the child does ever seems to please the parents and they constantly disappoint. The parents will constantly compare them to some other child and show them to be a failure in everything they do. They will grow up without hearing the words they are loved by a parent in a normal parent relationship manner. They will grow up without receiving affection from their parents in a normal parent relationship manner. They will learn not to trust what is spoken or shown or felt. They will learn to be grateful for what they have and to ask for nothing more. They will learn that they are inadequate in everything they do. They will learn never to show emotion other than willingness to do whatever is required of you. When you are asked to do anything you do so happily. They learn never to question an instruction or action. They learn never to want for anything. They learn never to need for anything. And they learn never to look to anyone for help. They will learn that a body is just a body, that what happens to it is separate from you, that the physical heals. They will learn that wishing for things like to be loved is a dangerous want, that the pain hurts more from wishing than it does from physical hurt. They will learn to push it all deep inside, that to convince yourself you do not need is easier than the acknowledging you do not get what you need. They will learn that they are to blame for their life. They failed to be lovable. They failed to be wanted. They failed. Its always them.

And then they start school and learn that its not normal, that they are different. And they learn to hide behind excelling or rebelling.

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