TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 37: Separate Identities

I understand that when a child has to create a separate identity to contain some repetitive abusive situation that the child cannot deal with on her own nor can she cannot find an escape from it or accept her involvement in it, the child uses her imagination to escape. I understand that she then creates another identity in her imagination that she gives a name to and that she pictures in her head and that every time the abusive situation happens she pictures in her imagination that it is not her that is experiencing it but is instead happening to the other imagined identity. And that with each time she pretends it is happening to the created part she conditions her mind into believing that her pretend is in fact real and truth. And so after repetitive conditioning of her own mind she will eventually begin to see herself as being separate and watching it from her own view point completely separate to the part she created. And eventually she will be able to pretend that she can’t see what is happening. And so she conditions her mind to the point that she does not remember the abuse taking place. And in this way by conditioning her mind she is able to live her life in as normal a manner as her life allows her to without the awareness of the abuse taking place. She will lose time every time the abuse occurs. What she has conditioned her mind to do is that on the occurrence of the abuse her body registers the situation with a heightened level of emotion that threatens the body into a “survival mode”. When the memories of the event are processed by the right brain in images and stored in the subconscious and passed to the left brain for processing by the amygdala, the amygdala registers the threat as too traumatic to cope with based on the sensory input it receives and so it fails to process the memory and assigning it an emotional value and storing it in the applicable file in the conscious memory. Instead the memory is kept only in the subconscious in its raw image format. And so the child has created the ability to be completely unaware of the experience.

Its important to note, I think, that an experience is not first experienced and then registered in one memory but rather the experience is experienced as a continual flow of images being captured by the right brain and passed to the left. That means that Amygdala is assessing each image that comes in in rapid succession. This would be how someone might only remember a certain part of an experience, that part that the amygdala did not register as being too traumatic to process for whatever reasoning.

The process this child took to create the other identity is the same process we took originally to create the original parts. The only difference being that this child was not encouraged to create the part, she did it completely of her own accord. We would have been told what to name the part, what colour to associate with it. They would do this by referring to us as this name, by making us wear the certain colour, and only when we acted in the manner they wanted this part to act in would we be rewarded with their attention. If we did not act in the desired manner when being referred to by a specific name then we would be traumatised. This was their way of encouraging us to create the part in association with the behaviour, name and colour or code or symbol that they specified. You see if they have no way of linking to that part then they cannot map it. In other words they cannot map a part they are not aware of and cannot associate something with. In the the mind, memories are grouped together by similarity. So by creating a name, colour, code they are creating a value with which to link those memories they choose to link together. They make use of a innner system to map the parts. In truth all that really means is a list of parts in your system and their names/colours/codes. Perhaps grouped by conditioned function in the system. But there is no co-ordinations as such. The term mapping and system makes it sound like such a technical process but in fact it is just the use of the common triggers that they need to ensure is instilled in every traumatic memory that they create to be stored in the sub-conscious. If they failed to do this then the memory which could hold instructions or codes or whatever they wanted to impress in the trauma would be stored in the incorrect file and not accessible when needed by them. The programmers job would be to ensure the creation of all the parts they need created that are conditioned to act on a given set of rules. The main function of the intensely populated system is to create that self maintaining system to keep the survivor in fear and thereby keep the amnesia in place.

Now to be able to use a part that is in the subconscious with the stored memories requires the need to have access to the subconscious which is done by activating both the right and left sides of the brain simultaneously to access the REM brain waves which store the subconscious memories. In therapy therapists use this technique to assist patients to access their traumas and deal with the trauma by the guidance of the therapist and the safety of being aware that the threat is not real. This proves that the ability to access the sub-conscious whilst operating in the conscious with the ability to reason is possible.

To explain my experience of consciousness. When a part is triggered by an action, sound, colour etc the amygdala will attempt to process the memory (which makes up the part) once again but will fail due to the trauma the part carries. This maintains the part to be kept unknown from the consciousness. The right and left brain on triggering of the part will be activated simultaneously which gives the part access to the sub-conscious. The part in this state of consciousness accessing the sub-consciousness will then be in control of the body, the part will be “fronting”. At the position of “fronting”, the part is able to access the conscious memory which is needed for the part to operate in the current situation with a sense of where they are, what they are doing etc as the conscious memory would have the memories applying to the current situation and all conscious memory. The part however also has access to their file while in the state of consciousness. But being in the current state gives them the ability to apply reason to their file, so they can as the situation needs access their experiences and logically apply the knowledge they know to the situation. And having access to the conscious memory does not necessarily mean the part will automatically be aware of the occurrences prior to them coming forward, but they will have access to the memories of it if they need to know. A part does not automatically store new memories in the conscious memory, but in their own file in the sub-conscious memory. Remember that while a part is upfront the amygdala will generally be out of order as it is conditioned not to process occurrences that have high trauma and every part is an occurrence of high trauma. Have you noticed in life that if you need to remember something you find that you need to make a conscious effort to submit it to memory? This is because there is a part fronting and if a memory is to be stored in the conscious memory the part has to briefly side step as such so that the amygdala can process and store the memory.

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