TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 39: The Main Personality

As humans we are born with Freedom of Choice. But in the cult setup, from birth they immediately start breaking this down. They do this by teaching you you are not allowed to say no. If a baby rejects for example to be fed, he will be punished by not been fed for two days. Part of this training would be a three or four year old child will be told to hurt a small animal. If he refuses they will bring in another young child and beat the child. Once again the child will be told to hurt the animal. If he/she refuses the again the other child will be beaten. The child will be told that it is his fault the other child is being beaten. That if he/she hurt the animal as told to do then the other child would not be hurt. The child will soon enough hurt the animal against his will in order to save the other child from being beaten. This is a repeated occurrence which then builds up the conditioning in the childs’ mind to do as told. This will evolve into the child having to kill the animal and later evolve into the child having to kill another child. This is done over and above all sorts of trauma. This is done to ensure you never forget to do as you are instructed.

You are forced to created other identities and to call them and behave in the expected manner when them as instructed. This is all done once again using trauma. If they cannot get you to only live in the identities they created, the number differs per person, then as punishment they will tell you they are going to kill the real you. You would be drugged, put on the altar and made to believe sacrificed. They will use chloroform to knock you out and perhaps bury you. When you gain consciousness and find yourself buried. They will remove you from the coffin and call you by the name of required main identities they want you to assume in life. The one that will be present in front the majority of time. This is why many survivors don’t know where their original is but feel that they are only parts. You need to understand that this is simply a trick to deceive you and keep you in fear. They cannot kill the origin you, without killing your parts too. You are one person. The original is your normal state of consciousness when no part is present.

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