TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 40: It’s in the imagination

They will teach you to use both sides of your brain simultaneously in oder to access the subconscious where all parts are stored.

The children who are not able to dissociate and create other identities will be considered dispensable and either sold into human trafficking, sacrificed or used to teach you to kill.

Realising that parts are created by ones imagination is a powerful thing to realise. I used to believe that what was meant by us being able to create “parts” was that we had the ability to but I did not know how we did it just that we could, and that they would divide our brain into different compartments and in each compartment they would insert a different alter or set of alters that were placed in the part of the brain that they would utilise the most. I am not sure where we got that belief from, but then it was believed that what the cult does to us is this very complicated secret science. But I don’t believe that anymore. Basically it is the understanding of human behaviour, of knowing the impact of depriving a person of the basic needs and the application of severe trauma to condition the brain to behave in the desired manner. That would be a very very basic explanation of it though. There is a lot more to it in the manipulation of parts to be able to be used for specific functions. Parts will be trained to utilise certain parts of the brains that they would need for example if they require a photo-graphic memory or the ability to solve equations. The specific parts of the brain would be developed whilst the specific part is cued. This also forms part of the difference in personality between parts. Parts tend to think in different ways to other parts. This is because different parts are trained to use different parts of the brain, some being purely analytical or purely creative, some using only the left brain, others only the right brain, some using both left and right. I am very aware of this in my work where I do mainly design and the building of automated processes. If I am not in the right “mood” I am incapable of thinking up the logic to automate a process.

In all training there is no room for error, as error is punished. The key to understanding the success in what they do, is to understand the extremes they use. It could be being shocking the child through the toes or fingers, or it could be having your head dunked into a bucket of water and held under. It could mean being prodded with a red hot metal rod or burnt with cigarettes. Although the punishment would also be determined by rank, rank are not to be scarred externally. If there are markings or bruising etc, the child will be given a false memory to explain away any questions.

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