TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 51: Healing personalities

The conscious state of a person can be widely regarded as the personality, the original personality. Depending on the degree of dissociation and the levels of trauma experienced, the main personality of a person might seem to not exist. This would be when the majority of the persons existence at that time in life is handled by the various parts. In other words, the persons anxiety levels and adrenaline etc are generally running at a level that is deemed threatening to the well-being of the individual, which will trigger out parts who will front. If the main personality is at the time experiencing stress, the experience will be amnesic, ie the main personality will lose time, or just not be aware of not being conscious. This is generally the state most survivors live in, and start their healing in. But as time passes and the threat to the individual is no longer as threatening and the stress levels drop, then the main personality will become aware. In this scenario, the main personality will experience a sense of “watching” their life. This is like being semi conscious, being able to see, hear, feel etc but not being able to control. The main personality will be aware of that parts fronting but will not be able to control them. This will continue until such time as the main personalities stress levels are normal. At this point the person actually starts to live and experience their life from the main personality. All parts will now become almost dormant until a need arises that triggers them out. With the main personality running things, lose of time and switching should become minimal, only occurring when a triggering situation arises.

Note though that during this time, parts will want to come forward to tell their secrets or merely to experience a different existence. They might come forward looking for a need to be met, or maybe they have questions and are in a safe enough environment to ask them. This switching in no means implies the survivor is under any form of stress or needing to dissociate, it means the dissociate parts are becoming conscious of an existence not like the one they were created in and this will cause them to start to question the existence they were created in. This is a necessary part of healing. Allowing the parts to interact in a safe environment where they can process their secrets, their reason for existence, from a new perspective. One that is not governed by fear. This is normally what will happen during therapy as it is normally the therapist that will build trust with the parts. However the important thing is that this will happen in an environment the parts feel safe in and are learning to trust. This is not necessarily always therapy. It could be someone besides a therapist. It will always be the person the parts trust.

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