TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 52: The question of personality

What is personality anyway? Apart from being a word that has come to be so very important in my life. I like to understand or at the least attempt to understand things. They need to make sense in my mind, albeit a “disordered” mind.

If ones personality is formed, or the foundation of it is formed by the age of six (or so they say) then logic says personality is created. It is created and formed by factors that influence the child. It’s formed by your parents, or is it?

Somehow this is a pretty triggering topic for me. It leads me on a trail that I would rather not wander down. But I have to. Have to if I choose to find wholeness.

Personality means how you perceive things right? Your personality is determined also by your values right? As well as determined by your spiritual beliefs. Right? I could be completely wrong on this but its my understanding. However, there is something deeper about personality, something that seems to be determined or given to you at conception. What I mean is, we are mind, body and spirit right? This could get really deep and I am not all that sure we should go there.

This is why it is important to me. I have parts. I am a part. So really, I am just trying to figure out who I am, I as in the whole, I as in not just me but all of me. Can you understand that? Does it make sense to someone who is whole? I do not know if it does.

I think there is a difference between personality and character, yet in the same instance they are inseparably intertwined. A personality is defined by how you perceive the world around you, you could perceive a certain situation as hopeless or you could perceive it as a challenge, depending on your personality. Character is the strength of your personality in a sense. Its like the strengths of all the various parts that make up your personality right? I mean, like if you have a personality that always wrestles a task until you succeed, you would have a character of perseverance right? I am not sure, I am merely trying to figure out what it is that makes a personality what it is, more so what it is that underlies the personality, which I think would be a persons morals.

If morals are your standard of behaviour, then the conscience plays a major part in it. Conscience must be something one is born with. And ones character determines if one allows the conscience to have an affect on ones morals which will affect ones personality. Meaning, if you have a weak character, you will not be as affected by your morals, which would be your sense of conscience, as much as you would be if you had a strong character right?

Why am I asking this? I want to know, how is it that I could choose to not be a person who gives in to the cult and my parents not be. What makes a person allow themselves to be used. Sure, un-consciousness does, but there is always a point when there is a degree of consciousness I think. I always knew there was something not right. And I always knew I would not submit to it. How come they didn’t? I don’t know if I can answer my question.

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