TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 5: Things unspoken spoken

Things better left unspoken, but they riddle within, everything I wish not to know, yet everything I cannot forget.

There is a world out there. One that perhaps you are not aware exists. Yet, it is playing out in your backyard. Its a world so real and so large, yet so unknown. How can that be? Cloaked. The cloak of secrecy that they cover themselves in.

It’s like a padlock inside me. So desperate to be free of the secrets. It’s like standing in a room full of heavy crates containing everything that needs to be released. The door is open and the freedom of not being burdened with secrets lurks just beyond. I stand behind a crate and push with all my strength edging it closer and closer to the door. But inches from freeing myself from the burden, the door slams shut and the padlock locks into its chamber. And once again I am alone in the darkness with their secrets that I can no longer bear to hold onto. Will I ever be free?

So we keep on trying, keep on pushing. Perhaps I can only be free on one small container of secrets out of a heaven laden crate at a time. Perhaps the containers will come out so intertwined, so far apart, so contradictory. I assure you though, all the same contaminated containers, full of secrets so dreadful and so real I fear opening their lids, I assure you, those containers together make sense. The thing is, the pain is so dark, I fight to hide from it yet I fight to be free of it. I can not delve on any one topic for very long. I apologise for that, its all I am able to do at this time in life. Does that mean I shouldn’t reveal any of it? But then if I take that stand, I will never release that which needs to spill out from deep within the swirling pit that rages within.

They have no right. But they take it anyway.

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