TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 7: Do You Know?

So tell me, do you know of what I speak? Do you know of the words that fill the corridors betweens the cracked bricks holding back the vile stench of fear, spilt urine and feces mixed with what was once scarlet but is now just stained blood puddles scattering the cold concrete floor of the tiny inner dwelling. The small room, chamber, where children’s dreams are stolen and their minds flushed with the acid dripped poisonous terror.

Do you know know?


No. I didn’t think you would.

That’s ok.

You are a lucky one.

We are a good one.

None of this will make sense to you. None of it needs to. For sense is not what you come to seek, for sense is not what you are able to accept. That’s ok. We blame you, yet we know you can’t cope with that which we must cope with.

See, the difference between you and me, the difference is you choose to see what you see, we choose to not see what we have to see.



Of course. Everything is in our world.

So tell me now, do you know of what I speak? Do you know of the bones that lie crushed beneath the unbearable heat of the furnace that burns away everything that remained of what once was perfectly birthed, birthed to be mangled and disfigured beyond recognition. Is that a child or an animal? That lump of carcass that lies there beneath their feet?

So tell me NOW, do you KNOW of what I SPEAK?


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