TICK TOCK An Awareness of Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Chapter 8: What is hidden

That which is hidden, is best left in the dark.

So they say.


No... wrong.

Its a lot to ask I understand. To ask that humanity choses to open their eyes to the very things that hide amongst every aspect of life. To ask that humanity opens their eyes to see the truth of what children in certain paths of life are being subjected to. To ask that humanity look past their own singular existence and encompass in their radius of those they care for, those that are forgotten or dismissed. It is a lot to ask, I understand. May I still ask it?

For in asking is a risk, a risk that you take, for when asked you can no longer deny the concept, the thought, the “what if?” In asking you shall be asked to face the things best left in the dark. Best for who? Best for you, best for them, not best for the children that suffer silently unbeknown to you. For them, I ask that you risk, you risk the question, you seek the answers. For them.

For them, I risk insulting you, “you” in general. I do not intend to insult, I intend only one thing, to help those buried and forgotten under the immoral unspoken law that says if you don’t like the thought, declare it an impossibility.

Let sleeping dogs lie. While the children die? What moral, what ethic, what world do you live in?

A world that I now form a part of. A world I once dreamed of. This fairytale realm that always remained out of reach and hence just a fairytale. But a tale I could see etched on the faces of those in the normal world that we interacted with in the hallways and classrooms of private schools. That we never felt a part of, but we felt their existence. Felt the difference in them and in us. And the difference we saw in them drew us. Called to us, singled us out amongst the normal, pointed us out as “abnormal”. We never did fit, yet now we form a more real part of this world which we always craved and never felt. Now we feel it and we look around at all these normal people and wonder how vast is the chasm between normal and abnormal. Or it is merely the shade of hue that differs. For we see a world filled in majority by people who care only for them and theirs. They have no space in their heart to have their lives perhaps disrupted by giving of their ability to care to those who have never known to be cared for. Who is there amongst you who can be trusted?, who mean what they say?, who do as they speak? Who will stay? Very few. In the past years since I have had the privilege of partaking of your world, I have met only two. But all I needed was one. I got a double blessing, I did. I am truly blessed. But what I wonder of those out there. Those without hope. Who will be the ones to install hope into their vocabulary, who will be there to help them pick up the chards of glass which is what remains of their once whole vessel? Will it be you? Can I ignite within you a desire, a will to be that person to someone? I pray I can.

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