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Love, Hate, and Pissing on the Wind

By Gary Nicholson All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Drama


People use these things as excuses to kill.; people kill out of "Love and people kill out of "Hate;" a very dramatic factor of Romance Novels." Also people who watch television "Love" and or "Hate" on command.

Chapter 1

Okay, people teaching hate is a bad thing. I know where you’re coming from and yes okay, “Hate” has a bad reputation but “Hate” is not a bad thing. “Hate” is considered the flip-side of “Love” but “Love’ and “Hate” work very well together. “Hate” is not the opposite of “Love” as it has been taught. They are both part of the same emotional strand.. People use these things as excuses to kill.; people kill out of “Love and people kill out of “Hate;” a very dramatic factor of Romance Novels.” Also people who watch television “Love” and or “Hate” on command. Remember when the television told you to “Hate” France? Well, now it’s time to “Love” France and you got that from the fucking television. I “Hate” television. Wars are fought because of “Love” and Wars are fought because of “Hate.” What is this hating and loving on command anyway. Only a lame-ass motherfucker would “Hate” or “Love” on command;; I hate this notion . I Love what I love because my Nature compels it.I hate what I hate because my nature compels that too; fuck this love/hate on command shit. And I hate the Government; and yes my nature compels it. The Government kills, for whatever reason the Government kills. The Government steals and the Government lies and the Government uses fear to control you. And there you have it; I hate the fucking Government. You may label me as a “Hater” and you have that choice but by definition I am not a “Hater.” I’m an analyst, I analyze things. If my analysis compels me to hate, I hate. If it compels me to love. I love. Now, no fears, Hate doesn’t rule over me. I won’t kill out of hate and yes that is a choice; only a very weak person would kill out of Hate. Love doesn’t rule over me either, I won’t kill out of Love either. Besides all that, what is driving these Wars the the US engages in? Is it “Love?” Is it “Hate?” It certainly effects what you “Love” and “Hate.” But it’s greed. People revel in greed and I hate it. Okay enough of what I hate. I Love creativity, Painting, writing, music. I love it all and participate in all of it.

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