How Autism Saved my Life

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This book is my tell all how having a son with Autism turned my life around for the better.

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When I was pregnant with my third child, I was very excited. At that time, I already had two girls and a stepdaughter. It was about time I had a boy. Growing up, I always wanted nothing but boys and finally, my second sonogram showed I was getting my son. We were living in the basement of my husband’s parent’s home and that’s truly when life changed for me. We were in the basement of a home that had a problem with water drenching the floors when it would rain for a long period of time. Before we moved in, they had tried to correct the problem by having a contractor come in and tear down some of the wall to put in barriers. The barriers led the water that was coming in to the new sump pumps that were put in place. New drywall was put in and therefore we thought the problem was taken care of. However, the problem was still existent, not as bad, but the floor would still get wet from time to time. There was also a little bit of mold that accumulated in the closet of my room, but I did not know how serious that could be. I now realize that was the start of God’s plan for my life because I lacked a relationship with Him.

We had been living down there for maybe a year or so when I found out I was having my son. Somewhere around that time, my then 3 year old had gotten pink eye for no reason and also developed allergies. Later on, he developed asthma. I too, started to have problems with allergies when I would leave the house, and even had a problem with drinking milk or consuming a good amount of anything dairy. I had a hard time breathing while trying to sleep at night. Sometimes, I would find myself on the couch in the living area of the basement to be comfortable. When he was born, at a healthy at 6 lbs. 13 ounces, everything cleared up for me, but later on when we moved to the upstairs part of the house, I developed asthma. It was never officially diagnosed, but when I would use my brother’s inhaler, I could breathe just fine. One thing was strange about Jordan though, he would not look at my mom in the eye. He would look at everyone in the household, but it was something about my mom in particular that would cause him to just look away from her every time.

As he was coming to the age where milestones were to be met, he was on point. He had some speech that was developing. He would say, “hi, bye, dada” and even “thank you”. But when he started to walk, he would also jump with his arms flapping. I never really looked at that as a problem. I mean what child doesn’t jump when they get excited about a favorite cartoon coming on or hearing a song that they are familiar with. Two signs were right there that my son had AUTISM. I had no idea at that time what ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) was, nor did I think it was anything that my son could have. So one day, my son got this weird rash. It was in the crease of his arms, along his arms and his legs as well. At this point, I truly can’t remember if it was after a doctor’s appointment and if it was, if he’d even received a vaccination. I just remember wanting him to get checked out by a completely different doctor than the one he was seeing. But there was no need. The next day or so, the rash was gone. It just completely cleared up. No treatment, no anything. Just like that, gone. To this day, I still have no idea what was going on with my son. But I did notice one thing, he wasn’t speaking anymore. It was hard to get him to say the few words he used to say and hard to get him to wave goodbye when I had the video camera on him. He wasn’t responding to his name either. I had so many people within my family telling me to give him time because their sons didn’t start speaking until around the age of 2 or 3. The problem with that was, he was speaking before. So am I to believe that all of a sudden he just decided he didn’t want to talk anymore? I was listening to all these voices, but failed to listen to the voice that most mattered, God’s voice.

Over the course of 10 years, God has been trying to get me to listen to him in numerous ways. Sadly, it took 8+ years for me to finally listen. Now that I am focused on my walk with God, a lot of things are falling into place when it comes to trying to help restore what was lost in my son due to Autism. In the coming chapters, I will be going over a lot of things that I have done to help my son, things that have failed and things that have improved him greatly. I will explain how turning to God changed the outcome of how things worked out and how a daily dialect with Him, along with reading and applying the word of God to situations at hand, had better results than doing things on my own. You will actually be able to see my growth in the Lord as you go through this book. It’s bittersweet, but safe to say, that my son having Autism saved my life.

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