Being Gay

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In this novel I talk about all the hardships, struggles and happiness through LGBT pride and myself being gay. Throughout this book it was hard for me going through some of these things in my life myself.


Throughout your lifetime if you’re gay you will go through many struggles, the struggles of coming out to your family and friends and in some cases them taking it the wrong way. Some people will say that your going through a phase, but believe me if you believe your gay, lesbian or bisexual or anything to do with LGBT don’t be afraid of what people think of you if you tell your friends, believe that your true friends will stick by your side and will love you no matter what. Remember to EMBRACE the feeling of being LGBT and being different from everyone else around you whether you keep it in or tell people and embrace it.

People will have different thoughts on you being gay, some will continue to like you for who you are and have been your whole life, but, some will not always act that way and you have to be ready for this some people will discriminate and bully you because you are LGBT, but they are entitled to their own opinion even though it is not the same as your own. Just remember being gay in the 21st century is like walking in a hailstorm, the ice keeps on hitting you but you endure, you endure all of the hail that falls on you and YOU KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Remember no matter how many times you get pushed down because of your sexuality just keep moving forward with your life because it’s going to be worth it, remember that no matter how hard it gets you can get through it!

Embrace the feeling of being a part of a community that spans all over the world, with people from different cultures and from different and diverse backgrounds. One of the hardest things about being gay is the part where you accept yourself for who you are since the time you were born and the way and part of coming out to people is so extremely valuable in one's life, you won't know how it feels until you have done it. Remember that being gay is NOT a problem! It will not be a problem unless you are a person who doesn't accept people for who they are and who they want to be.

So you’ve decided to come out! It’s a big decision for every LGBT person deciding to let other people into something that is close to their heart and body. But don’t take it the wrong way if after you tell someone they will need a moment by themselves, some people take news like this very personally for instance with parents that have children that have come out to them thinking to themselves, what have I done wrong? why have they turned out like this it’s not normal. Remember it doesn’t matter what they think YOU ARE YOU! you’ve been made this way and nothing can change that, they might think that if they start taking you to a church that it will cure you it won’t, they might think that they could get a priest that they can pray the gay away! It won't work.

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